Rambo: The Videogame

One of the great action heroes of the eighties has decided to return to the world of video games. We talked about Rambo , green beret who suffered in Vietnam , he did not know how to adapt to the new reality when he returned home and sought redemption where everything had started. Classic argument – that of the soldier defeated in the war that returns home –


a few decades ago that is back in the news because the company Teyon launches Rambo: The Video Game, a title of action on rails that aims to review


the life and miracles of John Rambo throughout the original trilogy. Silvester Stallone returns to put on the costume of virtual character to star in a title far from the minimum quality required and a game that does not honor the trilogy in question.

Action games have been the great dominators of these years in the video game industry. The first-person shooters, in addition, have definitely exploded in consoles-territory where they had not proliferated much despite having good examples ranging from Goldeneye to Halo, going through Timesplitters, Killzone and others- in the era in which the online game has been definitively established. It is not surprising, therefore, that taking advantage of the good moment of the genre -saturated, surely- it has been decided to try to recover some great heroes of action of the Eighties.


Characters perhaps out of date nowadays, but that offered proposals that can be transferred to the video game format in a simple way. On paper, of course. And it is that yes we have learned something in the short history of the digital entertainment industry is that a licensed title of a movie is no guarantee of anything. Quite the contrary. And that happens with this Rambo: The Videogame.

There are moments of secrecy, but the truth is that they are quite forgettable.
There are moments of secrecy, but the truth is that they are quite forgettable.

Normally some timming problems are blamed as a cause of how bad some licensed games are. They must leave on the same day as the movie and rushes are not good counselors. It is not the case of the game of Teyonthat concerns us, since the title is published on PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 this February 21 many years after the end of the original trilogy


(not long ago Stallone released a fourth and final film about Rambo). The result is obvious: a title to forget. Of the worst we remember, and look that lately some really terrible have paraded.


Rambo, with this game, can say that that is attributed to him and that he never really said: “I do not feel my legs”. Neither the soul nor the dignity. Nor shame, friend John. You can not feel anything Nothing positive , at least.

A hero of America who does not deserve this tribute.
Various officers and soldiers gather around the tomb of John Rambo, which according to the tombstone, died in 1988. There, one of the high commanders of the United States Army begins to narrate the exploits of Rambo. There the game starts.


The title invites us to advance through the three films of Rambo (Acorralado was called the first in Spain showing our desire to translate the names of the films as we want) in three chapters that in turn are divided into different phases . Although abruptly, the truth is that it is the fidelity with some of the sequences that most interests this videogame.


The arrival of Rambo in the United States, his problems with the sheriff in the town of Hope and his escape, the return -in the second film- to Vietnam, his reasons for living and the subsequent anger as well as the massive destruction of enemies and elements or the great final helicopter battle; Y,Trautman .