Rules and modalities

The idea of ​​a career is to reach the goal first, but the peculiarities of the path are what really mark it. The traces in the form of a tube eliminat


e at a stroke the edges with which to collide if we do not measure the curves welland, in fact, there will be almost no problem related to measuring our turn and speed well by taking most sections of the circui


t, but that does not mean that we will not encounter deadly difficulties and dangers. The first element to take into account, since it will be present in most competitions, is the presence of energy doors that slow down and damage our ship when contacting them. They tend to be placed on rings around the road that alternate spaces with the a


forementioned doors, so we have to steer our course well if we do not want to slow down too much and run the risk of destroying the vehicle. Doors


are often the biggest source of frustration when they are placed behind a steep slope change that makes it impossible to foresee their appearance .

Apart from this, there are circuits that have flat parts, which means that we can fall into the void if we do not walk with an eye, or precipices tha


t we can only save by taking the pertinent jumps, being able to rush through them if we do not take the correct route. The certain thing is that these variants of the general tonic are the unique thing that gives variety to the conduction in a title that sins of repetitive in its mechanics.It is true that, when we come to so


me difficult test, we may need a lot of time to elaborate the most optimal paths and overcome it, requiring some learning, but the variety of elements of the circuits is so scarce that it loses a lot of personality . There is hardly any memorable stretch because


of the necessary expertise with which we have to overcome it or, simply, that it makes us fully feel that we are varying among the nine availa


ble scenarios and allows us to identify each one of them. In fact, the most recurrent impression is that of being in a constant obstacle test, something very funny while you take the trick but that knows a little sooner than later.

Radial-G: Racing Revolved (PC) screenshot

Apart from the peculiarities of the scenarios, we must focus on the other important point of the gameplay: the ships and their characteristics. The control offers very few problems, since the displacement is completely lateral and what counts is placing us in such a way that the straight line is the most appropriate. The good sense of the perspective of each


pilot will be what defines our expertise at the wheel , since the turns, apart from avoiding obstacles, are useful to always place us on the shortest route and, above all, on the route with the most plates of acceleration, something for which it i


s necessary to have good sight and concentration given the great speeds that we will reach.The total number of vehicles amounts to seven, three of which will be available from th


e beginning and the others must be unlocked by ascending in our trajectory. With its appearance and design something similar to the commented on the circuits happens: they will not make us decide for one or the other. Its benefits, on the other ha


nd, do offer enough differences to adapt to different tastes, although it is true that the last unlockables seem, simply, better than the others.

The items and skills depend on the specific modality of competition, although the turbo boost is present in all and constitutes the main element to be managed, since it consumes a good part of our shield, which can only be regenerated by passing through special areas in each round. For the rest, most modes are clean of weapons, offering counter-ra


ces, races, eliminatory and a survival mode in which there are no regenerations of any kind. We must go to battle mode to find the available arsenal, which includes self-directed missiles, submachine guns, mines and a device that deactivates all the energ


y elements located in front of us to a certain distance (turbos and doors, mainly), in addition to stop the rivals for a moment. Without being surprised by its quantity, the truth is that they cover what is usually seen in this type of games.