Raccoons vs. Robots: Everything we’ve learned about Disintegration from the creator of Halo on a closed stream with developers

Publishing Label Private division the company Take-two and studio V1 Interactive staged a private demonstration for the press Disintegration. Editors GameMAG.ru I was able to talk to the development manager of this unusual shooter, Marcus Lehto, one of the creators of the cult series Halo, and found out new details. The main thing we have put together for you is great material.

  • Disintegration is an unusual mixture of dynamic action and deep tactical game.. Taking control of the futuristic Gravitsikl combat vehicle, players will have to fire down on their opponents, while leading a small detachment of infantry. For developers, it was important that gamers immediately come to understand that for an effective game they would have to master two aspects of the gameplay at once, where the Gravicycle will become the right hand and the controlled detachment will become the left.
  • According to the plot of the game, humanity had to transfer its consciousness to artificial robotic shells. But when the crisis passed and it was time to return to the bodies of flesh and blood, part of the cyborgs refused the reverse process. This gave rise to a radical movement, where the newly minted form of machines with human consciousness began to lead a real hunt for people. At the same time, steel bodies, first created in human form, gradually began to change, so in the campaign you will come across really interesting machines from a visual point of view.
  • The plot of Disintegration promises a rather interesting dynamics. The main character, Romer, is far from an idealized character, and his companions have their own motives and outlook on life. But despite all this, the common goal forces the detachment to join forces and push the differences aside.
  • Almost the entire gameplay of the story campaign is built on flights using the Gravicycle and managing your squad. In addition to clashes with opponents, you can also examine levels for useful resources and items that you can later use to improve your units. Between missions, Romer is free to travel through a small hub with a third-person perspective, where developers give them a chance to chat with the allies, learn something new about them or get additional challenge for the upcoming mission, for which a certain reward opens.
  • Despite the fact that Disintegration will not offer any cooperative modes at the start, Marcus Lehto does not deny that in the future his team will consider the possibility of adding such an option. Developers like the idea of ​​a cooperative, but they recognize that implementing it is far from easy..
  • The average time taken to complete a single player campaign at a normal difficulty level is approximately 8-10 hours. The authors of Disintegration themselves advise users to complete story missions at higher difficulty settings, which not only better reveal the gameplay, but can potentially increase the duration of the campaign up to 15 hours or even higher, depending on your skills.
  • You start each mission with a squad consisting of several characters (from two to four). These are unique characters with their own character and history. As their leader, providing air support on their Gravicycles (there are three types of Gravicycles, each with unique features), it is your responsibility to keep track of your soldiers. If any of them is critically damaged, the capsule with their consciousness is separated from the damaged mechanical body, and you need to pick it up in a short period of time so that the “killed” hero can return to the battlefield again. If you do not have time to do this, then failure will lead to the failure of the task.
  • Disintegration offers a fairly wide range of gadgets and weapons that can be used from your Gravicycle. In the case of the story campaign, the types of weapons available to you will vary depending on the conditions of the assignment. In one mission, a rocket launcher can be useful to you, allowing you to bring down fire on your opponents, in another, a more accurate rifle and a special device, thanks to which you can heal your squad.

  • Since the technical beta test, the game has received a lot of critical important changes and calibrations of the game balance. The main focus of the developers fell on ground units, the proper management of which is one of the key conditions for victory in multiplayer battles.
  • In multiplayer, players will be able to choose one of nine different squads, each of which has its own combat specialization. In turn, in the storyline, you will always play for the main character in the person of the pilot Romer Sholl, however, various missions will allow you to take control of different types of Gravicycles and squads with different characters.
  • Fundamentally, the gameplay does not differ much between a single player campaign and multiplayer modes. However, in the storyline, tactical gameplay offers somewhat greater depth, which is achieved due to the ability to slow down the flow of game time, which allows you to give more accurate orders and interestingly combine the skills of your squad.
  • The Marcus Lehto team spent a lot of time making Disintegration an absolutely unique game, which at the same time remains exciting and accessible.. The industry had previously offered similar mixes of genres, but Disintegration goes further, focusing immediately on a dynamic action and deep tactical system, where both game mechanics exist in a single synthesis and with which it is equally interesting to interact.
  • The initial post-release support for Disintegration will primarily be directed to multiplayer. Players will receive new Gravicycles, squads, maps, modes and cosmetic items. But Marcus Lehto also notes the fact that the storyline of his first game as an independent developer covers only a small part of the universe created by the game designer, so, probably, in the future we can expect a full story extension.
  • One of the unofficial symbols of the game, in some way a mascot, is a regular raccoon. A funny story that happened in the early stages of development is connected with this. Marcus Lehto wanted to see more species of fauna in certain sections of the game, and one of the developers added a few raccoons to the demo scene as a joke. Gradually, among the authors, the theme of cute raccoons began to rise steadily as an occasion for laughter, until the furry animal finally fixed its role in Disintegration.
  • The situation with the coronavirus pandemic, of course, affected the developers of Disintegration somewhat. In the current situation, the entire studio team had to switch to remote work, which somewhat complicated the creation of the game. But despite all this, V1 Interactive specialists continue to work hard on their project, so that the overall production plan remains relevant. At the same time, Marcus Lehto notes that some decisions lie on the shoulders of partners, for example, Sony and Microsoft, which also makes adjustments to the process of completing Disintegration.
  • V1 Interactive Studio was created as a small but very creative team, where all team members are free to exchange ideas, and then plans for their implementation. For Marcus Lehto, it was important that all specialists could work with a schedule convenient for them, without forgetting about their family and friends. Largely due to this approach, the home mode caused by the COVID-19 epidemic did not make significant changes to the overall Disintegration production process.
  • The musical accompaniment of Disintegration is the responsibility of composer John Evirist, who, according to the developers, was able to create a really interesting and unique tone in tone, which greatly complements the game. He previously worked with the BattleTech project, which has won several industry awards for the soundtrack.
  • According to Lehto, his experience with the Halo series helped a lot in organizing the approach to creating Disintegration and managing his own independent studio. Moreover, another Bungie veteran, Lee Wilson, with whom Lehto worked together on Halo 2, is working in V1 Interactive.. Thus, even despite not the highest budgets and development team, Lehto is sure that his debut project will be able to truly surprise with its scale even against the background of such a mastodon as the Halo series.

The game is being developed for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Its premiere will be held in 2023..

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