Rabi Ribi

The whole thing revolves around the events of the Erina rabbit, which – of course – arouses a day like a normal little girl, with the exception of the big ears and the succulent costume that give it the classic “bunny” look.

From here will be the adventures of the protagonist who will bring it through nine macro play areas, with about 20 sub-areas, with the goal of returning to its original appearance. Ours, however, will not be alone, since after the first hour of gaming will join us, Ribbon is a handy handset that allows some nice variations in gameplay.

Of gaming dynamics, however, we will talk later:The whole gaming world, from graphics to characterization, has that very “kawai” look that makes everything very cute, scary or ironically disturbing, depending on your artistic tastes. The enemies you will face, for example, can be animal-like, like other rodents of our species, or real girls dressed as rabbits who pretend to make our skin.

Understand why girls who want to dress like rabbits want to make out a rabbit become human goes beyond our abilities, and in general are precisely these paradoxical situations that represent the fulcrum of narrative.

From a good Oriental style play, then, Rabi-Ribi presents many textual dialogues; the number of interruptions linked to the interaction between the protagonists, in fact, seemed to be too high, and there were not a few times when we were tempted to skip wholly some swapping jokes that were not exactly unimaginable.  Fatal stellines

Rabi Ribi, a review of the adventures of a brave rabbit

Written on the generic narrative and definitely verbose, it’s time to go to the gameplay analysis. In this area Rabi-Ribioffers much greater satisfaction thanks to a solid and challenging metroidship facility.

In general, therefore, what we will have to do is wander about two-dimensional levels as if it were any platform, but be careful not to collect precious objects for Erina’s evolution. In fact, ours will be able to run into potions capable of, for example, increasing their life and ability to spin. As we progress into the adventure, ours will be able to use different attacks, which once mastered will increase power and effectiveness.

This rivalistic element accompanies the explorative dynamics, which will often oblige you to go back to your search for passages and paths inaccessible at first, now reachable by our new abilities.

The presence of Ribbon, furthermore, lets you launch remote attacks, which can be improved during the game. All in all, we can say without any particular fears of denial that the CreSpirit title is really challenging, especially because of about 40 boss fight present.

Also here,the kawai aspect of the game should not mislead: it is true that our enemies are cute to see and shoot stars or colored rays, but lowering the concentration for a moment means failing and starting over from the last checkpoint .

The most important thing to consider during the clashes is the attack pattern of the enemy, which will tend to repeat itself schematically. What we did not like about these admirable phases is the realization of the hitbox of the attacking attacks, which we really struggled to interpret.

Despite the high difficulty, in any case, Rabi-Ribi it is a noble hearted hell bullet: the console version has four levels of difficulty, along with the choice of two main game modes. In the standard, for example, the hardness of boss battles is conditioned by the new upgrades and the progress of the story.

A useful choice, if you consider that many times it will be possible to visit the proposed environments in the preferred order, without compelling paths. Alternative mode, on the other hand, is solely influenced by objects found, and is the right choice for those who are not afraid of grinding, backtracking, and exploration. The chapter of the game modes is, in any case, very rich and continues with unlockable post-game content including Boss Rush mode,

Rabi Ribi, a review of the adventures of a brave rabbit

Very Very Cute
Talking about Rabi-Ribi the first warning given by many players is to not stop at appearances, and to go beyond the look that characterizes the graphics of a title that as seen on the front of the gameplay has a lot to say, resulting in no smudges even in the control system and overall gaming fluidity. In any case, it is fair to talk about aesthetics that sees pixel art as one of the primary features, since the appearance of the various protagonists follows this particular style.