Quentin Tarantino drunk told Pierce Brosnan about his vision of Bond

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A few days ago Pier Brosnan spent for Esquire watch stream Golden Eyewhile answering fans’ questions.
One of them wanted to know if the actor is interested in working with Quentin Tarantino over some spy movie. Brosnan replied that he was ready to do this, and told a story when the director many years ago promoted him his idea for a new Bond.
According to Brosnan, this happened after the premiere of the second part “Kill Bill”. Tarantino made an appointment with the actor, to which the latter arrived on time. However, the director himself was late because he talked to the press about Bill.
Someone sent me a martini, well, I drank it. Then he waited until 19:30. And he thought: “But where the hell is he?” I was informed that he apologizes for the delay.
And I thought: “Well, I’ll have another martini.”
Pier Brosnan
In the end, Tarantino came down and began to order apple martini himself. In the process, both participants in the story began to get drunk well.
He knocked on the table and said: “You are the best James Bond, and I want to shoot Bond with you.” The room was very small. I said, “Quentin, please calm down.”
But you do not tell Quentin Tarantino to calm down.
Pier Brosnan
The actor himself was also interested in producing such a picture, considering that working with Tarantino would be quite interesting.
Brosnan told the studio about the director’s desire, but nothing came of it. The actor regrets this, believing that the result could be very good.
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