Quantum League Leaves Early Access April 15 – Igromania

Argentine studio Nimble Giant Entertainment announced the release date of the fantastic first-person shooter Quantum League… Game leaves early access Steam April 15th. There she appeared at the end of May last year and more than 80% of the players left positive feedback.
In honor of the upcoming release, the developers offer those who have not yet met the game to do it economically. Until March 16, Quantum League can be bought at half price, the game temporarily costs only 130 rubles.

The release version will have a new map, Nordic, with a snowy environment and a multi-level arena. A number of weapons will be equipped with a telescopic sight, and each agent will have a special skill. In addition, all players are given 6,000 quarks for the game store: to get them, you need to type the LAUNCH code in the game menu.

In the Quantum League, players compete in 1v1 and 2v2 matches, but the battles take place in time loops. So our heroes can meet and join forces with themselves from the past and the future.

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