Describe the world Pyre familiar words are very difficult – this is exactly the case when it is better to see everything, hear and read.

Especially reading. Let me remind you that in the Bastion , and Transistor attended invisible author, narrator, who with his comments, descriptions and explanations did not leave us and our characters a minute.

So, in the Pyre not, “fourth wall” collapses completely and the characters come to us directly to the player: they are asked to determine the future path of the stars, to make decisions and help them in every possible way.

In fact, we read the book online, finding more and more new pages, and its events and characters come to life in front of us while talking to us. It is as if Geralt asked the reader to the pages of novels Sapkowski(Andrzej Sapkowski) and asked for advice, where to find Ciri.

Here are just a fictional universe in the Pyrefar more strange and unusual than in “The Witcher”. Speaking briefly, it is a kind of the Lower World, where from external exile of sinners, outcasts, criminals and those who do not fit into the local “civilized” frame. And in order to escape and come back, they have to fight each other in the so-called rite. In our submission there is just such a rogue squad that travels to the underworld in a fun trailer and as you progress through constantly updated. But for each battle to choose from all this horde of only three.

The reader, Counselor, Psychologist

Further seemingly familiar from other games. We fight, “pump” character, trade, buying new mascots (the only removable item of equipment) and improve them, periodically stop for the night, trying to decide what to do at this time – individually work out with one of the rogue to pull his rank, to get global bonus for the whole unit before the next Rite or go look for something valuable, then to sell it or to wear to the characters.

Pyre game review

To combat the local need to get used to the system.

And yet we constantly communicate with their wards, which continually offended by something, ask for advice on different occasions or want to talk heart to heart.

Someone is angry that we did not choose him to fight in the last rites, someone feeds romantic feelings for another character and asks whether to admit it, but someone asked if he mustache go – with humor everything is in order !

occasionally also need to choose your path on the global map, to get to the next ceremony. Team members offer their own versions of where to go, citing personal reasons, or for example, promising that there is something of value, and we decide who to listen to.

And all of these solutions and answers in dialogues affect the relationship with the characters, their bonuses or penalties in the following rituals and the fact what ending you get. And, of course, on whether the mustache shave off one of the rogue …


In addition to the history of it all with a mustache in those or other variations we have seen in other games, such as a hand-drawn of The Banner Saga . But the truly unique Pyre do two things. Firstly, it is special, no matter what do not like the atmosphere, which is made up of elegant pictures, magical music Darren Korb(Darren Korb), unusual setting and colorful characters – they, incidentally, fought in strange masks and speak some their own language.

Our wards have demoness horns, minstrel, a little creature like a parrot, a worm posing as a noble knight, and even a talking dog with a mustache (which it is, as you already understood, may well lose).

Each has its own character, biography and their whims. From time to time someone gets sick, he goes somewhere or refuses to go into battle if Rite involved character that he did not like. However, here there is a rotation on itself – the more we put on a fight someone, the closer it is to enlightenment and to ensure that the squad leave for good.