Pure Farming 2018

Get ready for the next battle
Pure Farming 2018it is born of the desire to give players the chance to give them what they want, without forgetting the cumbersome competition in the industry. Announced last year’s Gamescom with ending 2017, they now want to push even higher, moving the release date in the first quarter of 2018 and changing the name accordingly.
The first point on development was the graphic fidelity, not only of the environment, of the structures and of the animals, but especially of the machines, which are reproduced with a truly extraordinary and meticulous detail: the accessories are completely animated, both in opening and closing or in use.
Obviously a good part of the experience in this field is driven by the fact that it can enjoy the greatest possible correspondence with reality, but not just the use of the machine, but of the machine itself: what players want is the tractors and accessories of the most famous or most popular brands.
Unfortunately in this area Pure Farming still has a lot to work on, as partnerships with McCormick, Kärcher, Landini and Mitsubishi brands have already been announced, but there are no major names such as John Deere, Deutz or Krone to name just a few; from here to Q1 2018 (and besides the probable DLC campaign), there is still the possibility that other companies will board Techland’s cart, but for the moment the lack of strong licenses is probably the most pressing issue of Pure Farming .
Unfortunately, even on the side of content generated by users, Techland did not confirm the presence of an integrated system for generating and managing mods at the moment, leaving the user with the burden of handing the code.
Pure Farming 2018
New panoramas
Where the new agrarian simulator is diversified from competition is the offer of available crops: the Techland title is based on four currently announced environments (but a fourth has already been teetered, ie Germany) that go for iconic landmarks in the agrarian industry and they give a cut that was never seen before in other games.
Bypassing the first setting, banally, the United States, already descending from latitude, can try to grow coffee in Colombia, or go over the ocean can take part in the management of rice paddies in Japan or eventually arrive in Italy with olives and grapes .
 These are just some of the activities that will be available at launch, but more generally in Pure Farmingwe can try not only classic ground cultivations, but also explore the world of fruit production, greenhouse cultivation and renewable energy management. An expansion to new fronts that certainly will not leave the competition unattractive, but at the moment it is also difficult to evaluate since we have not had the slightest chance of putting the game in hand, or least of all, seeing live gameplay. A combination of activities that must necessarily be wisely managed to avoid creating such flaws as to break the simulation.
The game modes currently announced are three: the first one is called Free Farming, where we can choose a place to start our business, cultivate, expand our horizons with no more than so many concerns. If you want to make the game more difficult, you can set the budget to be respected so that free cultivation can be re-conditioned in a realistic way by the financial management.
The second mode is Farming Challenges where we can take part in settings specifically designed to test our abilities; Before you start you can see what kind of work it is, but above all, the timing needed so that players with less time available will always know what they are doing without risking getting lost in the various collateral activities.
Finally, the latest mode is My Fist Farm, where newcomers to the world of agriculture can learn all the necessary steps from start to finish, not just from a gambling point of view, but also from the realistic one, thus becoming an almost didactic tool; this is a point on the paper in favor of the Techland product, where competition is still struggling to create convincing tutorials.