PS5 logo first revealed to Sony and shocked players

Company Sony first showed the official logo of a new generation console Playstation 5, sales of which will start this year. First logo image PS5 surprised many players.

According to, at the CES 2023 conference, Sony presented the logo of its new PlayStation 5 console, about which there is very little official information. The company did not radically change the recognizable design of the PS4, and therefore the logo of the future PS5 differs only in the number in the name. The company itself has not changed the PlayStation logo for several years, in addition, unlike MicrosoftSony follows the traditional way of naming its consoles. It is known that the company has already registered future names for PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9 and PS10.

Despite the rather expected appearance, the PS5 logo shown surprised many players who were waiting for something new. Netizens immediately began to show their logo versions for the PS5 in the form of a variety of images. Some even tried to find some clues about the new console in the image shown. Soon, a lot of different versions and jokes about the PlayStation 5 logo appeared on social networks.

According to, PS5 is expected to enter the market in the fall of 2023, simultaneously with a new generation console Xbox Series X from Microsoft. It is estimated that the starting price for new devices will be about $ 500, or about 40,000 rubles in Russia.