Prison Architect

We built and built …

In general, winning back the warden – the setting for such economic simulators is not new. Get at least a series of Prison Tycoon , which for the past five years (from 2005 to 2010-th) is developing a Virtual Playground under the auspices of ValuSoft . The number, however, has consistently failed to pass in quality – all these strategies have turned out, to put it mildly, unsuccessful.

But Introversion Software , on the other hand, rarely, but neatly produced highly original and high-quality product. Their last game is not the world hits, but what is called “the soul.” Prison Architect has a more classic gameplay, but the hand of authors DEFCON , the Uplink andDarwinia , certainly felt.

Before us is not pure “manager”, and a fair amount of gameplay time it takes design and construction of the prison, with all its rooms – the main entrance and the office of the head to the cooler and the room with the electric chair. Have to start from scratch – but a few workers with the tools from the Director of the prison at the beginning nothing more.

We have to take up drawing tools to mark up and plan the future of the correctional institution. Here the most important thing is not to hurry, good game allows you to pause and create the first map of all buildings, and only then proceed directly to their construction. And yet – disconnect the arrival of prisoners, or a fresh supply of prisoners is very overjoyed when they landed in an open field in the middle of the construction work.

The creation of any objects inPrison Architect , whether it be a building wall or the segment of water pipe, is impossible without the labor and materials.

Everything is more or less close to reality – building takes time, and if you have available there free of builders, you’ll have to wait until freed already occupied, or hire new ones.

Objects, such as tables, cabinets, beds, too, do not appear immediately, but have to be transferred from the warehouse workers and fixed in their position. All this must be considered when planning space – otherwise surely will arise congestion at the locked doors or workers at risk of being among the prisoners rebelled.

For every prisoner has a detailed dossier indicating biography, kinship, nature and even the “Photos”. “Piracy” indie games, by the way, is very widespread in the world of crime Prison Architect.

However, this is still far away – the initial planning and construction took a lot of time and if your prison is developing, do not stop nearly a minute.

In addition to walls and perimeter fences need to erect buildings, to engage in interior decoration, pull plumbing and electrical cables. In addition to the workers lack both the staff – from the banal cooks and cleaners, ending with such exotic positions, as a gardener, or accountant. All of these are necessary for the successful operation of the correctional facility and require attention – for example, the authorities will not work without the convenient cabinet.

Oddly enough, in the Prison Architecthave something to do early in the game even with zero number of prisoners, but sooner or later the time comes when the first batch of prisoners unloaded from paddy wagons on the door to your prison.

Divide and Conquer

By this time, the head of the Collegiate should already be equipped with the minimum necessary infrastructure – camera, a shower room, kitchen and dining room. Sleep and satisfaction of hunger – the very first, but not the only needs of prisoners.

To satisfy them is necessary to expand its ownership: can not do without the infirmary, room for visitors, exercise yard, classes for learning and more of a list of various buildings and facilities. All this requires more labor-consuming and costly.

Where to get money? A small but steady income for each prisoner provides state. If you need a bigger amount at once, it is best to try to get a grant (started a training program convicts – get the money immediately, and some – on the fulfillment of all conditions), you can also put the savings at interest and trading products produced in the prison.

There is even the possibility to issue shares for sale to investors in prison, and you can sell the whole entire prison – the money will go to the bank account, and no one bothers to use at the start of the next game.

Without bureaucracy – anywhere, even in prison.

Very soon the prison is growing up very decent size, and she, at first glance, it is impossible to manage without sinking into the depths of micromanagement. But no – thanks very suitable macro-management system, you can feel quite comfortable in the role of the correctional institution chief with an impressive number of contingent.