Morgan Yu wakes up in his apartment to go to the laboratory of the corporation “Transtar” led by his (or her – depending on who pick at the start) brother Alex.

On the roof of the building is waiting for a helicopter – it was he who gives the hero there, where you have to take stupid tests: move the box, press the button to answer the question whether a man threw himself under a train if it will save just seven.

Like the case for ointment, and people in white coats, even good, but once the scenario is beyond the scope: for one of the researchers attacked the circle, which has turned into a black creature with tentacles. Morgan Yu rob gas of consciousness, and he was again awakened in her bedroom. But this time things are not like they used to.

Like many things in the game, both Yu – not what they seem.

Because the familiar world crumbles at the scenery. Breaking a window, behind which shines panorama of the city, we climbed behind the scenes, where there are computers with the records of how often Morgan drinking coffee and visiting the toilet. The helicopter at the site – just a training simulator, dummy.

And any thing like a chair, a roll of toilet paper or a book – deadly. After all the action takes place on the space station, “Talos-1”, which captured aliens – Typhon. They are incredibly resourceful, cunning, and their small fry, nicknamed mimicry, is able to simulate everyday objects.

Here you think before you pack udon noodles, but it is hiding alien creature, and, sure enough, she attacked once will approach closer. Yes, at the station more illusory, but there are genuine objects – the corpses former colleagues Morgan. Good morning does not happen.

Who served in the cosmos, the circus is not laughing

The game does not draw in front of you with large-scale paintings by Star Wars, conquest of distant frontiers, and Guardians of the Galaxy – still the most important thing in the universe of Prey comes to “Talos-1”, drifting near the moon.

Closer to the junction you see why the choice of the path of the hero literally determine the fate of mankind. And only a teaspoon between the lines, we are fed information that turns out to Mars in 2032, the year already colonized, and people close to the discovery of the secret of eternal life.

We learn from books and magazines that the action takes place in an alternate world where there was no war in Vietnam, and Dzhona Kennedi(John Kennedy) was not shot in Dallas – the thirty-fifth President of the United States lived happily until the XXI century.

And in 1962 instead of saber-rattling in Cuba two superpowers, on the contrary, went to convergence, an agreement on joint research projects.

In general, the script lets compliment Soviet science: that the USSR was Typhon scientists first discovered and began their study, which built space laboratory, “The Cage”, of which the station has grown “Talos-1.”

What attracts developers created the model, so is its organic nature, richness of detail – for each event an alternate history here has its own explanation, and the synthesis of the ideas of the East and West is noticeable even at room decoration.

We wandered through the lobby in the Art Deco style, which could well adorn the first of BioShock , then sank into a gloomy industrial à la Dead Space 2 , and sometimes no easy starts a hero in the cloaca with zablovannym tiles and flashing lights retro-futurism – right Shadow of Chernobyl in half with Singularity’s.

But this designer divergency was no explanation here, they say, was a laboratory of Soviet explorers, and these premises later attach to the skeleton corporation “Transtar”.

But the crown of works – Arboretum, a real garden with a handful of bungalows, protected from the vacuum and absolute zero transparent dome. It looks like the Earth, but there is a caveat: in space no one can hear your scream.