Pressure Overdrive Review

You know what I can’t stand? When your morning is interrupted right when the Sun shines in your room in the right way, getting on your swim gear only to jump into a big pile of dirt.

Leaves you with that “What in the a**?” kind of feeling. All of your precious water being sucked away by these little crap stains of robots for this evil man using your natural source to make money for his company…what does a citizen do?

Get into your modified buggy and go fix this problem asap that is what! Welcome to this eccentric review of Pressure Overdrive out now for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Time to join La Resistance!

Pressure Overdrive is a complete overhaul of the original Pressure game. In this enhanced version, you revisit an action packed world, filled with crazy characters and funky humor.
Pressure Overdrive will challenge your skills, while you race, ram and blast your way through countless bullets and enemies.
Customize your buggy for clever play styles and have a friend join the cause in local coop mode. “La Resistance” counts on you! Do you have what it takes?

I sure hope you do because this is some kind of Captian Planet level villainy happening in this game.


When simple meets complicated it at times is not a bad mix at all. There are many games that follow this formula and gives you a grand time.

Pressure Overdrive is an enhanced edition as stated with updated graphics and an interesting drive mechanic that utilizes both analog sticks for steering, driving, aiming and shooting.

This will test your coordination as you race through levels trying to reach the goal while killing as many enemies as you can for the leaderboards of course.

Things get tricky as you encounter obstacles like jumps that are random at times. Now, you will have special abilities that you unlock in the garage after you earn some funds.

You will utilize the shoulder buttons for these abilities so choose wisely on which will benefit you the most.

The one thing that I was happy to unlock was the underbody exploder, this magnificent device can get enemies off of you in one boom just in case you are being swarmed.

Each power up has a cool down so be wise and use them in sessions.

With a shooter of this nature, it reminds me of games like r-type and 1945 in terms of some huge enemies will grant you power ups, but you have to shoot them down first and some are bullet sponges.

Be mindful of your health as well since some bullets will follow you. If you make it to the check point you will be gifted with more pressure and health.

That is another thing that you need to keep in mind which will drive you more to destroy the enemies.

You have a pressure gauge that will keep your weaponry shooting in a stream, without enough pressure it will gradually slow down. The more you destroy the more pressure capsules you will receive.


I love indie games because they push the limits of the imagination and don’t get me wrong I do like the high-end titles, but you can appreciate the artistry of certain games that take you out of the norm.

Pressure Overdrive certainly gives you that steampunk feels with huge amounts of customization and the scenery is nice to look at.

Картинки по запросу pressure overdrive

That cartoony style mixed in with the humor is like a nostalgic Saturday Morning cartoon memory. Nicely done and amusing.

The Bad

It is a grind fest I tell you. I am always annoyed when games have overpriced items for you to acquire.

Get the idea that you need to do well in order to obtain the best of the best in gear, but at times it is ridiculous.

I would think that it would start off simple and then progressively get harder in prices.

This, in turn, has you go back to certain levels to farm for more money in order to make your vehicle a Mad Max steam machine. You can visit levels again, but repetition can get dull after a while.

I believe Pressure Overdrive wants you to have an in house experience with their local couch co-op, but I am hoping they add an online co-op feature for those of us that have friends overseas that we could play with it.


What do you get with Pressure Overdrive? Well, I am glad you ask, because you get intense, top down,  steampunk, battle chase thrill ride.

There is a lot of replay value with campaign, free play and local co-op with a buddy. You will have the drive to enhance your buggy not only with weapons but other buggy body mods that you will enjoy.

Also, this game is available on both Mac OS and Linux so that is great news. Now the icing on the cake is the price which is reasonable at 12.99 euro or 14.99 USD.