When chaos is only confusion

Warhammer 40k eternal crusade review

The latter would have to organize, they would have to buy some equipment sharing the resources and they would have to be structured in guilds to survive.


The conditional is a must, because of so many wonderful ideas there is practically nothing left in the finished game.Currently warhammer 40k eternal crusade xbox one can be defined as a normal arena shooter in which four factions, Space Marines, Ork, Space Marine of Chaos and Eldar if they give a good reason on maps larger or smaller depending on the mode chosen (Total Battle for 50-60 players, Skirmish for 30.40), where you have to defend or conquer checkpoints.


In reality the Tyranids are there: just select the Covo mode, that is a cooperation between five players who have to carry out various missions together. It is a pity that it is not played and runs out of interest after a couple of games (it is evident that it is a piece of something bigger that has not been completed).


And the MMO? Vanished. But back to our player who has just spent his fifty euros to get into the game and, as a good boy scout, begins to create his character completely personaliz … ah, no? To personalize it, do you need to spend either a game currency or a premium coin that can be purchased with other real money?


Think, he spent fifty euros and immediately finds himself fighting with a free-to-play style store. But he is still optimistic (we will return to the shop later) and he decides to start playing with the standard classes. After all, he thinks, I do not need to customize my character since I have not tried to play yet.


After the tutorial (a special map with messages that explain the various game mechanics), finally enters a game … and is literally slaughtered. In front of an armored Space Marine the gun of his Ork seems to shoot balls of paper. Whole gusts hit the mark, but they seem to have had very few effects. One, two, three dead. What happens? Are there any cheaters on the server?


No, it’s people who have been playing the Early Access version for months and have equipment that you dream of , or dear player just entered. Besides, they have a lot of skills unlocked, and you also dream of them. As long as you do not manage to buy some precious price, you’ll be cannon fodder.

We reviewed Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade and did not really like it


Our friend is incredulous. Keep playing, but game after game is increasingly discouraged. Now he has also learned all the mechanics: he knows how to use his ogre to perfection, he knows the limits and the weapons. A few killings arrive, but the gap with the others is always very high.


The skill matters little, it is clear: the characters of warhammer eternal crusade are not very fast (except during some special maneuvers), but the problem is not to hit them. In direct confrontations a well-equipped character will always win against a poorly equipped one. Unfortunately there are not even servers divided by levels and therefore you are always at a disadvantage. Our player is very down to earth.

When chaos is just confusion

The only ones to be at his level are the other novices, also equipped with standard equipment. There are two options: to continue like this, eventually to buy something decent for the character, or spend real money for personalization. And here comes our shop in play: to customize a character you have to spend between thirty and forty euros on average.


Initially, the developers had said that the only items that could be purchased with real money would be the aesthetic ones, but that did not happen. Currently there are unique items, even very powerful, which can not be purchased with the game currency. So we are faced with a pay-to-win? No, it would be better to say to a re-pay-to-win, since as already said it costs fifty euros.


Of course, there are skills that help a little to mitigate the feeling of imbalance, but we are always there: if the servers are filled with old and new players, the latter will inevitably be the sacrificial victims of the first (each faction has its own tree of skill where to spend the acquired points going up in level). It’s bad to talk about a game in these terms, but you have to deal with these problems if you want to understand why warhammer 40000 eternal crusade is currently a big failure.


Our aforementioned player will have to dedicate a lot of time, or spend more money, to be able to become competitive. In all this the direct experience on the battlefield will have a very marginal role, because it will help him little or nothing until he has the right tools.

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