Potion Craft Goes Early Access September 21 – Igromania

Publisher tinyBuild announced that it will release to early access Steam medieval alchemist simulator Potion Craft studios niceplay games… Access to the game will open on September 21. What exactly will be included in the early version will be announced later.
In the meantime, the creators of the game have updated the free demo, and you can check it out until September 17. Now it supports 17 languages, including Russian.

Potion Craft stands out for its unique style, inspired by medieval manuscripts and medical books. In gameplay terms, the game allows us to physically interact with tools and ingredients, in full control of the process of creating potions.

In Potion Craft, we will be given full control of the whole store, and it depends only on us what it will become and what role we will take on. Players will have to come up with new recipes, attract customers and experiment freely in the medieval sandbox. The worst that can happen is the death of the entire city, which is counting on our help.

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