Postal for Steam give pick up free and forever

Legendary action Postal about the adventures of Dude (Postal Dude), which became the beginning of a series of shooters, all gamers are offered absolutely free and forever to pick up in their collection of games.

Running With Scissors company continues to draw attention to its franchise in every possible way, reports. This time, gamers were offered to get the first part of a series of Postal shooters for free. This is the only part of the series that is not a first-person shooter, but an isometric action. According to the plot, Dude is in a city that is swept by a wave of violence. In this chaos, he must survive, and therefore he will have to destroy hundreds of enemies.

Players are offered to receive the most complete publication of Postal, reports. It consists of 16 levels of the campaign, 4 of the add-on and 2 more that were previously exclusive to the Japanese version of the game. In addition, 22 additional challenges are available to players. You can go through them in two modes. To get Postal for free, you need to go to the game’s page on Steam and click on the “Install Game” button.

Developers from Running With Scissors have already released in early access a new part of Postal 4: No Regrets. She ignores the events of the third series and is a direct continuation of the cult shooter Postal 2. They offer the first part of the Postal series free of charge, and the rest are subject to large discounts.