Post-Apo Builder announced – review addiction

Studio Septarian Games has announced its new project, a post-apocalyptic urban planning simulator Post-Apo Builder… And in it we have to return to normal life a whole destroyed city.

Dealing with the destruction will take resources. And a significant part of them can be found here, on the ruins. And the missing ones will have to be recaptured from the raiders and the feral. They pose a significant threat, together with wild animals and various natural disasters, so you will need to consider protecting the city.

The surviving mechanisms and pre-apocalyptic technologies will make it possible not only to build houses and factories, but also to create cars and weapons. And when planning and building a city, you will have to take into account a variety of aspects in order to take care of your citizens.

Post-Apo Builder has no release date yet. And the famous Polish publishing house helps with the development of the game PlayWay

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