Attack of the clones on the “Mandalorians”: Bob Fett will appear in the sequel to the popular series

Temuera Morrisonwho played Django Fett inAttack of the Clones“will appear in the second season”Mandalorian“sources say The hollywood reporter. The actor will play the role of Fett Beans, the famous bounty hunter who was presumed dead after falling into a pit with sarlaks inThe Return of the Jedi. In the original trilogy of this character, Jeremy Bullock played.

Hints of Boba Fett’s return appeared in the fifth episode of the Mandalore’s original season, when a mysterious figure wrapped in boots with branded bounty hunter spurs approached her case in the scene with the assassination of Feneck Shand. At the same time, it is expected that in the second season, Bob Fett will be assigned only a small role.

One of the main lines of the Attack of the Clones revolved around a secret army of clones created from Django DNA. In the same film, it turned out that Bob Fett’s fan favorite was actually a clone of Django, whom he raised as his own son.

The second season of “Mandalorians” is scheduled for release on Disney + in October. He played one of the roles in the show. Michael bean, and the directors of some series were Robert Rodriguez (Alita: Battle Angel “) and Peyton reed (“Ant-Man”).

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