Portal Knights

The new market
Portal Knights is officially a “Minecraft Like” and the developers themselves wanted to introduce us into this new world by explaining to us what were the sources of inspiration for the title. First of all comes the game of Mojang, which in many ways has paved the way for the development of sandbox games that have just arrived in the market and will be released in the coming years, on the other hand there are more complex and adventurous experiences such as Terraria, Dragon Quest Builders and similar.
The purpose is precisely to get the best out of the products and synthesize them into something new and more interesting, especially for the most expanding market, that is, the teens. In this sense we could describe Portal Knightslike a Adventure / RPG / Sandbox: According to the storyline, the great planet on which the story is played has been destroyed in parts, all interconnected by ancestral portals, now unfortunately destroyed.
The player must then explore open worlds generated procedurally by searching for resources to complete the portal and go further. The situation becomes more complicated because every island we visit will be a thematic and therefore will have its distinctive materials and more, as we continue our adventure, the enemies we will find on our journey, especially at night, will become harder. It will therefore be necessary to go back to the search for the right materials to build a more powerful armor, more powerful weapons or create some magic.
Portal Knights
The puppet version of Minecraft
However, the work of Keen Games does not stop here, the most important point on which the guys have worked is to make the game accessible to younger gamers.
From the graphic point of view all the elements have been designed to be cute and colorful, even the most fearsome enemies will hardly leave you impatient in the face of their tenderness. Even the color palette is very varied, but always tends to bright and saturated colors, so as to fill the screen as much as possible.
The result is a simple and trivial design, but very readable and pleasing to the sight. Gameplay also has a great appeal in the early gameplay: basic controls let you enter into action and explore the world; It is a shame that in the game menus the situation is completely reversed.Portal Knightsthe interface was primarily designed with the pc in the head, and the consoles to follow; the result is screened by navigating with the alternation between keys and rudders, thus dropping the player in easy confusion.
Plus, much of the crimp material does not have a clear explanation, so actual utility can only be evaluated after it has been created. Of course, Minecraft made its fortune unlucky, but in that case the creations were limited and derived from the use of a small circle of ingredients. Here, however, the possible outputs are very varied and the ingredients needed are really many, and you will soon end up in the inventory, not knowing what you can throw or not.