Portal Knights

This “cloning” of the work of Mojang seems that it will not end, and every so often some company and developer study are encouraged to create their own “Minecraft”. That is the case of Keen Games , a study that has shaped Portal Knights . However, at this poi


nt I think it is necessary to make an important nuance. Thus, and despite the fact that Portal Knights is a direct legacy of Minecraft, it is also fair to say that the developers have strived to give it its own personality, resulting in a game that brings great joy and sympathy to a game formula already in place. Yes engaging and convincing.


The story with which this adventure starts is very simple and is barely explained by a few lines of text (in Spanish, of course) … and little else. Due to the so-called Fracture , the world in which the adventure takes place was divided into several lands, which have been


joined only by magical portals that are stalked by creatures of darkness. Precisely there we enter into play, and in the role of heroes we must restore peace and unity to that kingdom and use the power of the portals. The said: a simple plot that happens to become a secondary element.



Create, fight and explore

At the beginning of the game it is possible to create the appearance (sex, hair, etc.) of our character from a simple but functional editor . And not only that, since it is also possible to select your class among three different alternatives such as

Guerrero, Magician and … Ranger. Each of these categories stands out in a couple of specific aspects such as a high level of health, great ability to fight hand-to-hand or at a distance, etc. and determines the main attributes that are assumed by our protagonist. Nothing that we have not seen once and a thousand times before in other similar adventures but that does not stop having its charm.


Portal Knights analysis

The title distills a very cheerful artistic style and the characters (editable at the beginning) enjoy funny animations.

From here begins our trip, which we can do both alone and in the company of our friends. The cooperative mode for four online players (two in local) becomes one of the great virtues that this production holds, allowing to get all the juice to a game experience more than resultona as now I will explain.


The adventure combines three main ingredients, to which many others are added. Perhaps the most outstanding of them all is the obtaining of resources , being able to extract materials from everything that we see in the scenarios, whether they are tr


ees and other vegetation, diverse objects, the items that the rivals drop after being defeated, natural resources and the rest. In our backpack we can keep a limited number of these materials, being able to create later the objects that we create opportune. A very Minecraft formula that has been established in recent times.


Portal Knights PC

The cooperative mode for four players is one of its great virtues

Then there is the exploration factor , which in this case also has a fundamental importance. Through the famous portals (and once we have colle

cted the necessary blue crystals to be able to use them) we can go traveling from one island to another in search of new materials and adventures. Each of these scenarios is generated in a random manner so that no user (unless they play together) will travel the same funds, something that always has its grace.


Portal Knights

The adventure can be enjoyed both playing alone or in the company of our friends thanks to the cooperative option.

Finally we also find the moments of action, a less important aspect (at least from my point of view) but that also needs to be tackled. The scenar


ios are populated by enemies of all kinds, from a kind of silts or small animals to more imposing monsters like dragons or creatures similar to trolls. Depending on our character is possible to kill them using magic, arrows or various types of weapons, although we warn you that the battle system in real time is as simple and limited, to the point that only two buttons are used during the clashes.


Along with all this in Portal Knights it is also possible to enjoy RPG touches as we can improve the capacity of our character and dress him with n


ew weapons and armor, which adds another layer of depth to the adventure. All this results in a very attractive title for the followers of resource management and exploration games, which in my opinion and given its simplicity in certain key aspects is much more advisable for the more neophytes than for the more expert users.


Portal Knights PC