Albion Online

About tremendous opportunities the authors do not lie. Total “craft” of all things, the same total PvP, a huge world with a variety of areas and biomes, the free development of the characters controlled by the player economy, the right to buy your own island and do virtually anything – it all there is.

Already at the start it is clear that Albion Online especially will appeal to those who like to transfer “crazy hands”, the game Minecraft and go to the country to personally repair the barn or to make a stool. In general, “Kraft” then detailed, researched and comprehensive.

Almost everything you see around you from the flora and fauna can be disassembled into components, that is, the resources – rocks, logs, skins, cotton, limestone, sandstone, iron ore and so on. From then logs in special buildings to do the boards of skins – skin, cotton – flax, from the ore – ingots, which are needed for the manufacture of a steep object. And you can do almost everything – weapons of different types, armor, accessories like capes and travel bags, furniture items of your own home.

In this case, all objects and resources are divided into several levels. There are, for example, ordinary trees, but steeper birch and chestnut – brown and has not come out with an ax to cut the inexperienced, for this we need the ax beginner, you can buy or make yourself.

Story, collect, Bidding

At first of all that goes around the head – you always rummaging in the cluster resource inventory and try to remember that what you need and what kind of masters in the district which produces items.

But then quickly develop and begin to enjoy the way you gradually matereesh, dress himself in a more fancy stuff and mine more valuable resources. And gamers with “craft” a developed system and all at once will feel in a personal man-made paradise.

Albion Online Game Review

Durability items has steadily decreased until complete destruction.

In addition, I repeat, not necessarily to do everything, to collect and produce personally – no one stops to buy. The economy here is really controlled by the players. The first city is worth the auctioneer, in which you can view the current trade proposal for different types of goods, articles and resources. Or to sell something of their own. The prices may vary in different markets.

Periodically sell something you need more because everything here anyway you can not take it with you. The more things and resources in your inventory, the slower you move. Therefore, it is better for the time being stored in a personal vault, but something put up for sale. And, of course, need to quickly get some horses.

And prohibitively acquired feasibly taken away

And most importantly, the game operates so-called system Full Loot. This means that if you die in PvP and PvE there is a complete loss of things. Of course, often the final death blow from which some neighboring heretics or beasts can be avoided – you offer a breath for a while, come to consciousness and continue from the same place.

But, firstly, even in this case the equipment badly worn. Secondly, there are situations where at this point there are too many powerful enemies, or you do get lost, so it is best to agree to die and be reborn in the nearest town.

Finally, in the regions painted in black on the map color, no restrictions on the free PvP, and even the monsters there inflict fatal wounds – and it is here that you will definitely lose in the event of the death of all the acquired overwork. But those interesting yadrena game that simulates the very real situation and makes us constantly be on the alert: gape – so lost.