Portal Knights

The developer’s response was clearly positive in our attempt to highlight a different target, but we also managed to outline the differences between the family title released by Shinjuku software house at the end of last year and what is now offering 505 Games.


First of all Dragon Quest, as can be seen as being the helicopter of the main saga under the aegis of Enix, he had a lot more to RPG, than in Portal Knights is absent: moving away from the story driven that Builders offers , Freedom is much more handy,

with the ability to choose which action to take from time to time, regardless of what NPC or the like will tell us. Since we do not have a precise line to follow, a plot that can lead us to reconstruct a city, Portal Knights is much more open world and sandbox than we can expect, approaching a lot at Minecraft, but there is a lot of distance to appr


oach the fight and consequently to the meetings with the bosses. If, on the other hand, every island, which is generated procedurally, has a dungeon inside, with some being masked by castles to climb and visit, it is also logical to expect a boss battle: in our trial we did not succeed encounter many, but we came across a skeleton to defend a treasure chest hidden in the first dungeon in which we decided to go. The Battle of Portal Knights wants to emulate a lot that we’ve been offered i


n the latest The Legend of Zelda , but I get rid of the contaminations that developers would like to be from Dark Souls. Fights are definitely much more dynamic when we are in front of a boss than normal combat during dungeon or island exploration: after targeting o


ur opponent we can then start moving around him trying to avoid the blows and settling ours, with an eye always very careful about the durability of the weapon. The structure of the battle is quite straightforward and easy to understand, as the combat proves to be very user friendly, suitable for a younger audience, albeit better navigated and experienced. Even in this Portal

Knights , it can be more accessible than it did to Dragon Quest Builders, which had the strength of the strategy, which, though minimal, allowed to defend his own aggression with environmental objects that anticipated assault with the most disparate weapons. Unl

ike Minecraft , however, the boss battles are quite basic, which in the title of Mojang is not so often encountered. The Solitary Ranger Island From the point of view of the structure, however, Portal Knights

Portal Knights

he has repeatedly given us a sense of dispersion that, in giving us the chance to do everything right away, has made us lose the sense of a guideline to follow. Within a few seconds, after building our workbench and having prepared a reserve arch to what we had chosen to venture into our world, we found ourselves ready to cross a portal that led us to another island. Clearly in our shor

t time at our disposal for testing on a non-definitive version we have speeded up many of the operations, but it’s important to note that in Portal Knightsa certain method is required, otherwise the risk of being uncontrolled to the ultimate goal – as long as there is – is very high. In the absence of the story driven concept, it is important to have rules and to put the palettes in o

rder to concretize our outpost immediately and make sense of your equipment, to adorn your character. Speaking of the latter we appreciated the presence of a creation editor, which allowed us to choose the sex of our fighter, but also the co

lor of the complexion, the features of the hair and the beard, and so on. Obviously combinations can be varied and lend themselves to any type of irony or seriousness, from the dark-colored warrior, but with red hair to the fully blond Swedish, which has a wide-eyed smile on the beard, with a wide-eyed face. Once you’ve hit the chosen world, it’s up to you to give a real story to the

grungy of the characters. An aspect that undoubtedly enriches the depth of creation of the character, which will not only be aesthetic, especially because we have to select our class between ranger, warrior and magician so that we can also have the target we

apon with us. Clearly the ranger will be armed with an arc and will have the chance to attack from the distance, showing the side of close combat, the warrior will spoil his great physical strength and the wizard may reject his opponents with his s

trong spells: Of these, we only tried the ranger, which with its bow succeeded to be asserted even by close distances. Next to your character, then there will clearly be several NPCs ready to tell you what’s happenedPortal Knights , giving you basic story elements to have a historical background of the scenario. There is no long-lasting dialogue, of course, just to comply wit

h the intention not to go too far in the detail of the RPG, but it will be important to find the weaved pieces in your adventure. The feeling is, however, that the islands genuinely generated are not very large, at least the initial ones we have visited: who has spent some time on Dragon Quest Builders will remember that the force of the worlds, not procedural ones, was the map size, to find out mission-to-mission.