Pokemon Sun

For twenty years, lovers of pocket monsters grew, and it is logical that a good idea would be to somehow grow up and play.

In the seventh generation of style with which all the characters looked like children, has given way to more realistic proportions and your character has more teen than a child. However, he still lives with his mother and, as is customary in the series, begins the path to the title of the best coach Pokemon with the move to the new location – a tropical island Alola.

Another thing is that if we had just passed from hall to hall, defeating all, and incidentally revealed a conspiracy of bad coaches the team, but now the story is much more important. Place halls took tests of local captains. And they do not always offer only fight – sometimes it will be necessary, for example, solve puzzles to care.

From test to test us spend quite a straight track with numerous scenes on the engine. Not to say that their performance shines – the characters almost animated, and the mystery surrounding the woman Lillie does not look particularly interesting.

The fact that the game was linear – both good and bad. On the one hand, in the era of Pokemon GO main part of the series and should provide a fundamentally different experience. On the other – such an unusual departure from the canons of squeezes you in the frame.

Aloha, Alola!

Region Alola inspired by the Hawaiian islands: there are a lot of greens, dusky tightened girls happy potbellied fishermen in motley shirts and travelers.

As a legendary Pokémon live in a tropical paradise Divine Guardian (Guardian Deity), and each island Verkhovod “kahuna” – especially advanced trainer. Get ready for a sense of celebration and merriment – even at night. All at our disposal four islands between which we move on the ferry. They are quite large, and some compactness, uschemlonnosti not felt.

Pokemon Sun / Moon review

At the start, give a very nice little kitty and sovushku – the seal is almost no chance.

Is divided into four parts, the map made more realistic. Road and the city is now naturally intertwined, and numerous islands of grass, where live wild Pokémon, has in many urban lawns. This is a very cool feeling – and the most interesting area in the whole series.

However, the island Alola did not want to “revive” – ​​in a city full of buildings, where there is nothing to go and no one to talk, enough nooks, where nothing is on the road.

Heroes is not too made happy. Characters are blurred, especially their faces. Setting suffers from “ladders”, the more noticeable the larger the screen of your console.

But Pokemon – real playboy. The design of those that have appeared in the new generation, it may seem controversial, but it is very accurate fit into the look of the game in general. If monsters have done in the old style, to throw a contradiction in the eyes.

Three-dimensional mode, not at all – but it was with him would be bad owners of older versions of the console. And Moon It works equally well on the New 3DS, and the original devayse of 2011. But the biggest design mistake is not the volume exclusion, and your opponents Skull of the team – it is absolutely awful-looking, comical “gangsta” written off with a ten-year-old rap artists. It is not clear, even as such received a visa to Alola.

Animal abuse

Seriously changing the pitch of the plot and its structure, the Game Freak did not redraw the battle. And rightly so: nothing easier than to step by step battle one on one, to come up with in the genre of Japanese RPG impossible. Sometimes, of course, fights occur two by two, but no more.

The authors added the ability to fight four of us in a special mode Battle Royal. Furnished all as wrestling with monsters, where every man for himself. Piece amusing, cheerful, but the side with respect to the majority of the battles.

Much more important – and not so nice – that wild Pokémon are now calling for backup, and you can not catch the animal, if the partner has entered the fray.

From this random battle became a little more complicated. Therefore, to balance on the touch screen shown efficacy attacks. Keep in mind that a class of toxic stronger class fighters, is no longer necessary – if an attack Super Effective, you’ll see it right away.

Pokemon Sun / Moon review

In stores you can completely change the “bow” of our avatar.

As the main innovations were among the techniques the so-called Z-Moves. This is a very strong attack, in a sense, an analog megaevolyutsy of the past generation.

But the influence they fight a lot less, because issued in an hour on a teaspoon, used once per battle and occupy a single pocket for things at your Pokemon. But so want to put the berries, restoring vitality, or treated for the poison.

Medical treatment in case of poisoning and can be in the old, through the “Tamagotchi” -mode Pokemon Refresh. On the sodden Rouleta we blow dryer, toxic fumes from strong soaking tamponchikom – and the baby is fresh and full of energy. Courtship on cleaning does not end here – here you can coddle wards, scratching it and feed.