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Final Fantasy XVImay come out on Xbox Series X | Safter Square Enix’s agreement with Sony expires. This is hinted at by a new temporal exclusivity statement posted on the official website. PlaystationIn the section with exclusives from third-party partners, it is noted that FF16 “will not be available on other consoles for a limited time.”, whereas in the past, all advertising materials instead of consoles spoke simply of “platforms”.

Since the project is only officially confirmed for PS5 at the moment, users suggested that the mention of “other consoles” might be a hint aside Xbox Series

At the same time, it remains unclear whether Final Fantasy XVI will appear on PC… In the initial announcement trailer, it was said that the gameplay was recorded from the PC and the game would be released on the PC along with the PS5 as a console exclusive, but almost immediately the video was re-uploaded, removing the footnote about the release on personal computers, and the press were informed by the publisher Square enix remove the mention of PC from their materials. In response to questions from the media, the company then replied that it had no information on whether the FF16 would be available on platforms other than the PS5.

Final Fantasy XVI still has no release date. The information on the PS Store page only indicates that the release will take place “soon”.

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