playstation classic

List of playstation classic games

Sony Interactive Entertainment introduced the entire line of 20 playstation classic games that will be pre-installed on the PlayStation Classic, a miniature version of the first Sony console in the 1990s.

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In fact, among the 20 included games – a real classic of those times, such as the first title of Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid or Tekken 3.

Here is a list playstation classic games that need to be pre-installed on the PlayStation Classic console:

• Battle Arena Toshinden
• Cool Boarders 2
• Destroying Derby
• Final Fantasy VII
• Grand Theft Auto
• Intelligent Qube
• Jumping flash!
• Metal case
• Mr Driller
• Oddworld: Odyssey Abe
• Rayman
• Director-resident evil
• Revelations: person
• Ridge Racer Type 4
• Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
• Siphon filter
• Tekken 3
• “Rainbow Six” by Tom Clancy
• Twisted metal
• Wild weapons

PlayStation Classic games

List of PlayStation Classic games

PlayStation Classic will have almost half the size of the original PlayStation console.

Кeproduces its appearance and is equipped with two controllers.

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n HDMI cable (required to connect the console to a TV or monitor) and a USB power cable to include the feeder itself.

A “virtual memory card” will be installed on the console to save saved games.

PlayStation Classic will be released on December 3, 2018 and will be cost 100 EURO