PlayStation 5 launched in Spain three times better than Xbox Series X / S

According to the latest data, the launch Playstation 5 in Spain surpassed Xbox Series X / S more than three times… Information about this was reported by the local gaming publication Vandal

According to journalists, in the first week of sales in the country, 43,000 PS5 units, of which 38 thousand were for the disk version and another 5 thousand for the digital version. In turn, Microsoft managed to sell for the same period 14,100 consoles Xbox Series, of which Series X accounted for 10.5 thousand, and Series S – 3.6 thousand.

If we compare this with the results of past generations, then The PlayStation 5 saw the largest launch in the country of any Sony home console, but the PSP remains the most successful launch in Spanish PlayStation history.

  • PS5: 43,000
  • PS4: 38,000
  • PS3: 35,000
  • PS2: 40,000
  • PSP: 54,200

In the case of the Xbox Series, the start is generally in line with that of Xbox one and Xbox 360However, here you need to consider that the Xbox market share in Spain has always been significantly lower than PlayStation and Nintendo, so even with these numbers, it is safe to say that it was a good launch for the Xbox Series X / S. It is noted that the demand for new Microsoft consoles in the country remains high, and the few devices that will appear on sale in the coming weeks will immediately be sold out.

  • Xbox Series X / S: 14,100
  • Xbox One: 15,000
  • Xbox 360: 14,900

At the moment, the entire launch of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 has ended in the region. Some of the Xbox Series S are still available for sale, although it is already difficult to find them.

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