PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds against Fortnite Battle Royale

Royale offer a single map, but the first counts in a rain and fog mode and has recently been announced a zombie mode. In PUBG it is possible to play in FPP mode, where all players are forced to play in the first place, while Battle Royale , also because of its peculiar structure, must be played in third person.


The visual tax may seem like an arc, but it really changes drastically the dynamics of gambling since, for example, you have a wider view of the surrounding environment with all that it has in terms of ambushes carried out).

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds against Fortnite Battle Royale

If both offer very similar experiences to the base, it is in the gunplay that lies the fundamental difference between the two products. PUBG, as it is well known, rests on its foundations on the ArmA II engine, so it realizes its strength. There is no chance to make miraculous and continued jumps, falls from remarkable heights cause damage, and you die very quickly with a few shots.

Battle Royale takes the Fortnite base instead, thus offering a more arcade and “playful” experience, so to speak. In the management of weapons and equipment there is a significant difference between the two. While PUBG’s mouthpiece is as realistic as possible and, as already underlined in the review, the difference lies in the equipment associated with them, Battle Royale divide its rhyme in Blizzard-style rarity.

Confronting, for example, an opponent with a gun like you, it is not said that both do the same damage and have the same characteristics. This is a very important detail to keep in mind, because thanks to it the Battle Royale jokes tend to be much more explosive and chaotic, as in the game you can find instruments like rocket launchers, but also potions that allow you to create a shield around the character that can absorb some damage. Understand, then, in terms of pureshootings , the experiences of PUBG and Battle Royale tend to differ, and not less, more realistic one and less the other. In addition, in this mode, the original Fortnite crafting and construction package was imported. In addition to allowing the construction of various fortins and camps (element that finds its best expression in team matches), destructionof environments good in exploration, but also in combat, for obvious reasons. Imagine an assault on players hidden in a home.

Thanks to explosive weapons, or simply pick always delivered, you can literally cut the ground under your feet to anyone lurking waiting for unsuspecting passersby. Likewise, if you fall into a house and you are unable to get out of one side, you just have to break down a wall to get a secondary outlet to get yourself safe. So PUBG or Battle Royale? Despite all the perplexities about this, PUBG

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds against Fortnite Battle Royale

. I find that the survival experience from battle royale (the genre) is much more effective when coupled with a playful sector whose rules reflect reality as much as possible. Battle Royale (the mode of Fortnite) has that chaotic base that, in the end, makes it all too fast and unreasonable. If I just have to pass a game to hide, I prefer doing so with the awareness that all players can die quickly.

The idea of ​​dying because someone, more fortunate than others, has found a rocket launcher two meters away from landing does not excel me. However, as a small post, I find that Battle Royaleit may be slightly more satisfying to play in team than PUBG, mainly because of the dynamics of resource collection and construction. Building a small haven in the company of friends is that kind of game moment that also justifies a finished game then in a little way.