Play Duck Hunt for the holidays? The cult shooter came out on an unexpected “New Year” platform

New Year is a good holiday. He gives a little warmth and light, helping to forget about the harsh everyday life. He also returns us to childhood when we played Dandy without worries and looked for a brand new cartridge under the tree. Now one of the games for the classic console is located directly on the branches of a coniferous tree.

Craftsman passing on YouTube under the nickname Hackaday, put together a special, festive version of the cult Duck hunt. Moreover, this is not a simple Christmas ball showing a picture, but a full playable version. To achieve this, the guy had to bother with switches, wires and boards, as well as printing on a 3D printer. However, the result was worth it.

You can see the device in action and its manufacturing process in the video below:

The original duck hunt came out on Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1984 and sold over 28 million copies.

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