Pilots, what people!

 Motorsport Manager review


Have you lost count of all the times you have sent Domenicali’s strategies to that country? Are you still suffering from the liver for the world lost by Alonso in the Emirates in 2010? Well, finally you can turn on the radio and remote control the pilots from the wall thanks to Motorsport Manager.


This is a management that refers, not too vehemently, to the only and deserving exponents of the genre, ie the Grand Prix Manager of Eng. Edward Grabowski: even the font used is very similar to the MicroProse games of the second half of the 90s.


For a long time a management was expected on the magical world of Formula 1 and, thanks to SEGA, the guys of PlaySport, after having made their bones on mobile platforms, can show off a title in step with the times, even if a little ‘ immature.

There are no editorials or licenses, there are a few bugs too: even so Motorsport Manager is an excellent game

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Let’s start immediately from the biggest sore point, that is the absence of the FIA ​​license: this implies that the names of the pilots and stables mimic the real ones, as well as the tracks that do not faithfully reproduce those that we all know. While a large community is already working to remedy it, it remains the disappointment for the lack of an internal editor that can make up for the lack of Hamilton, Vettel and company.

Pilots, what people!

Once the low blow has been collected, Motorsport Manager immediately manages to attract attention: after creating the customized version of Maurizio Arrivabene, there is a choice between tackling a single race weekend, grappling with some situations preset by the developers (for the moment) they are only two, but others have been promised) or face an epic world ride, choosing between three more and more challenging championships. The tier 3 is European, then we move on to what we would call GP2 to finish with the queen class.


There is no real level of difficulty, even if it is obvious that choosing the equivalent of Ferrari or Mercedes there will not be too much to deal with structures, sponsors and pilots, because those present by default are already at the highest levels.


In reverse,Motorsport Manager adopts a very audacious rule that Ecclestone and Mosley would have liked to introduce a few years ago, namely a system of promotion and relegation to the next category , just like with football teams.


Each championship presents a dozen of stables and a personalized “tracklist”, as well as a series of rules that differentiates it, even significantly, from the others. For example in GP2 you can not get your hands on the engine, because you have to keep the one supplied by the parent company unchanged.

 Motorsport Manager 2

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 is the long-awaited continuation of the highly acclaimed critics of the motor sport game in the App Store. Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 is the first-class simulator of the racing team. Create your own team and take ownership of all important decisions.



The title of Playgames owes much more than something to Grand Prix Manager: in fact the structure is slavishly followed, with two main and complementary phases. On the one hand there is the management of the team that is governed by a desktop divided into ten menus, each with its own dignity, even if some screen is slightly redundant.

Pilots, what people!

Needless to say that each item must be carefully monitored between one tender and another, although some, like the renovation of the headquarters, require a reduced maintenance. Among the most frequently used menus, the development of the single-seater occupies the main place.


There are six areas for improvement: transmission, suspension, brakes, engine, rear and front wing. A chart provides the degree of competitiveness of each component, so as to focus on the less performing areas.


In principle, it is possible to play between the increase in performance and reliability, with one branching at the expense of the other, but also “borderline” roads that provide more substantial improvements in the face of possible irregularities case discovered, would lead to sporting and economic penalties as well as to the announcement of the upgrade developed.


As development deepens, a range of bonuses opens up: in the case of our Chariot (the equivalent of Caterham) we have developed a dozen rear wings to get to climb only one position in the ranking,


while at the same time the change it remained the same throughout the season, considering that it was in the middle of the lot. There is also to manage the group of technicians who work to increase performance and reliability, in order to obtain the best compromise for each element of the machine.