Pillars of Eternity


Always a pleasure to deal with fair play. In general, almost all the developers are trying to create a reputation for their project “honest” – giving dozens of interviews, reporting on progress of the game in blogs, regularly giving to the general public display videos, screenshots and demos.

Often, however, this apparent “openness to the world” does not help: the player gets the disc and … surprised to see something quite the opposite promised.

Half of the declared capacity is not available, the game world is shrunk threefold, graphics reminiscent of movies he had seen only a couple of places, but the gameplay does not attract at least a hundred hours, and discards on the monitor or TV in ten minutes.

Pillars of Eternity – this is a very fair game. Firstly, in its authors at the time of development has long been a well-deserved name in the genre of role-playing games and when they announced the launch of the things in the “classic-style projects with a system ADnD» – believe them.

Secondly, developers have outlined immediately, with the result that they want: role-playing game with modern graphics and an original role-playing system, similar to such chunks genre as Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment.

Sounding name may be discouraged sensible player, sounds are not from the mouth of Obsidian Entertainment employees. However, the person speaking, on the contrary, stressed the seriousness of the statements: in fact the people standing at the helm of Obsidian Entertainment just were responsible at the time for the Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment (as well as Fallout and Arcanum).

The third step to the truth Pillars of Eternity made when it developers from Obsidian Entertainment is not just declare its promises regarding the features of the upcoming game, but made them very specific plan for the collection of investment through the Kickstarter website.

Requested at least one million one hundred thousand dollars believed in Pillars of Eternity investors of the people gathered a little more than a day. The total amount is only a little not reached to the level of four million dollars.

Development Pillars of Eternity began in mid-2012, Obsidian Entertainment optimistic wanted to release it in the spring of 2014, but in the end life made its corrections, and the project saw the light of a March 26, 2015.


So, Pillars of Eternity has consistently and fully fulfills what from it waited. And this – the maximum resemblance to the “classic computer role-playing games” in the setting ADnD, visible relationship with the Trinity the pillars of the genre – Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape, rich game world, developed, balanced and flexible role-playing system, an interesting plot with a well-prescribed associates characters as well as recognizable (canonical), but technically modern visuals.

With graphics and begin. It is believed that the genre of role-playing quite soft on featureless picture on the screen. Allegedly, the main action of the game takes place in the human imagination, so a thorough portrayal and a wide range of special effects can be neglected.

Pillars of Eternity offers a look at the visualization problem from several angles.

One of them – the historical. He reminds us of the “Golden Age” role-playing genre (1998-2001), when the star has risen two-dimensional engine Infinity Engine.

Started on it the game – the same Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape – differed verified artistic style, the harmony of images and bright aesthetics drawn from landscapes hands, interface elements, character models …

Probably will not be a great exaggeration to say that it was a kind of apex to-use two-dimensional sprite engines, which have already started to get a reputation for archaic in the face of fashion, but still quite primitive polygonal graphics.

Now the polygon graphics primitive call is absolutely impossible. Nevertheless, the authors of the Pillars of Eternity have done everything in their power to maximize accurately convey the style sprite graphics Infinity Engine.

Yes, this is quite advanced tools used in the form of a reliable friend of developers – the Unity engine – which added a bit of special effects and game camera review allowed a little closer and away from the characters. For the rest, in the Pillars of Eternity reigns complete imitation isometric world for high-resolution modern displays with little visibility of highly detailed textures.