Phil Spencer wants to increase the presence of the Xbox brand in Japan, and Resident Evil’s studio should help him

Game studio Tango Gameworksdiscovered by the father Resident evil Shinji Mikami and known for creating a franchise The Evil Within, in the future should help to strengthen the presence Microsoft in the Japanese market. This was stated by the head Xbox Phil Spencercommenting on the recently concluded deal with ZeniMax Media

Prior to that, the head of the corporate gaming division repeatedly spoke about the desire to buy a Japanese studio.

“I’m ready to fly to Tokyo now. I would like to personally meet with the Tango Gameworks team, a studio that I endlessly respect for their work. I have spoken many times about the desire to invite some Japanese authors to our internal development team. And [Tango] perfect for this role. “

Now Tango Gameworks ends the production of mystical action GhostWire: Tokyo… Its premiere should take place this fall only at Playstation 5 and PC

Earlier chapter Tango Gameworks, legendary Shinji Mikami, admitted that would like to lead the creation of a completely new project… He only produces GhostWire.

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