PES 2017

The previous generation of video game consoles, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, was to forget in the Japan football brand, but we have been a few years in which the change of cycle seems to have sat wonderfully in the saga. With PES 2015 we saw a


n important jump that, of course, did not give us back the spirit of masterpieces that we lived in the past, but that did offer us a remarkable football entertainment, and with PES 2016 we saw the same formula but with relevant improvements. The Sport King was again very fun under the seal of Konami, and that was the best news.


Having said that, what do we find with Pro Evolution Soccer 2017? This is what we are going to try to explain in this analysis, of which we can already tell you that it deals with a continuist game in terms of innovation but that it continues to respec


t that spirit of PES 6 that we have been seeing for three years now. Adam Bhatti, the person in charge of the series, has been very frank from the beginning in the sense that they do not want so much a renewed Golden Age for the franchise in terms of lookin


g at other horizons, but rather return to brilliance by returning to the pure and hard fun for which they bet in the past. With those rules, the delivery of this year arrives. Is it perfect? No. Is it fun? Yes. Is it advisable? In console more than in PC, something that will not


surprise anyone and that weighs on this edition with the same visual aspect since 2014, something of what,It was warning a few months ago .



Unzipping the Leather

One puts his hands on PES 2017 and feels the naturalness of what is not, far from it, a sudden change with respect to the previous delivery. This, which could alarm those looking for coarser and palpable changes from one delivery to another in a sports sag

a, is really great news. The smoothness in the transition from one game to another does not mean, much less, that there are no changes; it means instead that if they are present they are well enough implemented so that there is no drama in the progress fro
m one game to another. The new Konamigame opts for subtlety when presenting its modifications purely related to what happens in the field of play, and requires us to invest many hours to fully perceive the variations that in our first minutes can only glimpse very much above.


PES 2017 analysis

FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid are the only two teams licensed at the moment in the Spanish League. But this, as always, could change in the future.

Under sophisticated names like Precise Pass, Team Control or Real Touch there is, in fact, a greater control over everything that happens in the game box, and the best that can be said about the compatible edition of this Pro Evolution Soccer 2


017 is that most features are present in the computer game. Good news for a series that is increasingly closer to what we expect from it in this field and for which, although there is still time and effort to be done, it can certainly be said that a few years


ago we walked in the right direction … Or rather in which Konami’s team seems most comfortable. How do all these developments walk in the right way? The Real Touch, probably, is the softest and most unnoticed element for the amateur, but is one of th


e most contributing to speed up the appropriate arcade style of the PES series since we changed generation. It’s about bringing a greater naturalness to the first contact with the ball, and to generate a fluidity in the uppercase game based on how


we relate to it when controlling it. Have you ever heard the typical phrase that for a striker “a good control is half a goal”? Well this is the same but applied to the 11 athletes who run on green. When we master it we can give the game the speed or pa


use we want, something especially useful in the last third of the field, and fundamental when deciding whether we are interested in direct play or if we want to disarm the opponent with a lot of passes, example at the first touch, or making you swing from one side to the other with agile movements.


PES 2017 PC