Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Chloe is a younger girl than we’ve learned to see, but Arcadia Bay is not so much different from what we’ve known in Max’s way. Frank is still busy in grass, albeit in small doses and in no way excessively damaging to those around him; the town is still colored with clandestine parties organized without controls and at the mercy of bullies and street vendors. In this context, in an old sawmill, Part of the Before the Storm, which allows us to come into contact with what is Chloe’s story and what we will find to live.

The first contact is direct and immediate: Life is Strange has maintained, as you could and should have expected, the modus operandi tied to the choices to the biv and the consequences that will come to the butterfly effect. We were already strong in the fact that we did live without being able to play the same session during the E3 in Los Angeles, so some of the choices we already knew were what they would bring.


We tried to do something different, so without actually touching those that would have been the consequence over the long run: Once again Life is Strange pretends to be reasoning in the short or long term, trying to figure out where really resides in your interest. Once, in fact, stealing money from an abusive t-shirt seller, a total of $ 200 more than comfortable for an Arcadia Bay girl, we will have to decide whether to settle our debt with Frank or whether to keep them with us: it is easy to do, that having a fiduciary and loyal relationship with our neighborhood practitioner will allow us, in the future, to benefit from his help and support; not giving him the money he wants, instead, we will create a state of acredine that will blow up the relationships and the thread that connects us to him.


But by reference, the other side of the coin will give us a wealthy status, as Chloe himself will point out to those who listen to his thoughts. In any case, however, our trial continued with a clash with two neighborhood queens, the typical boys in a basketball tank, armed with only a few hopes for the future and a beer to strain, more to give a tone than for pure pleasure . After we have been sorry to apologize, we have decided to adopt the most ruthless tactic, that is, to confront the bully and prove to be no less as a stumbling block: only Rachel’s intervention allowed us to get out relatively unharmed, after a strong flathead planted straight in the face.


Here, our experience with the Before the Storm, pounding in the hand, was interrupted, leaving room for an unprecedented sequence of images that allowed us to return to Chloe’s home to face the detachment of his father who had already died of a a little bit of time.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm, tried the start of Chloe's adventure

Graffiti at Arcadia 

Life is Strange: Before the Storm, as we had already explained during our first approach, has a different way of dealing with what happens to Arcadia Bay. You no longer have any kind of superpower from yours, so the rewind effect is no longer usable, nor can you take photographs of what’s around us. As an alternative to the latter features graffiti has been integrated: there will be ten for each episode, so a total of thirty, which will allow us to have a collectable to search, to make the joy of completers and hunters of trophies.

The charm is certainly different from that of photography and the graffiti itself is much more art of the road: the only one we traced has allowed us to choose what to write between two choices we offer, but honestly it did not seem to have any butterfly effect from this juncture.

For the rest the ecosystem of Life is Strangeit is mostly the same as we have known in Arcadia Bay just a two-year ago. Technically, the product did not appear to be the best, with textures with slightly biting strokes, though details are still kept up-to-date, especially to allow us to interact with them in the evolution of the narrative structure. This time, in the end, we have come up with a true and pure graphic adventure, or interactive graphic novel, depending on how you prefer to choose the exact nomenclature: every choice needs to be calibrated, it is well studied, because no one will turn back this time.