Persona 5

Persona 5 as a slap in the face to the striking visual design that remain silent about it – a real crime. Here at an opportune pertinent proverb about that encounter still on clothes.

The third and fourth part of the series already had a memorable style and key colors – blue and yellow, respectively.

New Persona went further and organically fit into their appearance in the gameplay. Menu design and battles, the animation transitions between scenes, conversations with the characters – all this made the most impressive and at the same time naturally, without unnecessary details.

The three main colors Rersona 5 – red, black and white.

Graphically, the new game from Atlus is much more similar to her own by Catherine , than the previous parts of the series. Characters match human proportions, and now look quite realistic – within the anime-style, of course. But most importantly, they do not just look “like life”, but also experiencing the same problems and emotions as real people.

School years

The action of all games in the series Persona is happening in the present, and each of the unconnected parts of the story about a group of young people united for the struggle against evil. Persona 5 is no exception. The main character, which the player is free to call on your own, moves to Tokyo and entered into a new school. Lonely and unsociable, he gradually finds there friends, such as black sheep, like himself.

The plot of Persona 5and learning the basics stretched for a dozen hours. Yes, and the gameplay itself is moving very slowly: no joke, we just live each day in the shoes of the senior. Events begin in April – that’s when the school year starts at the Japanese students. Each day is divided into segments: morning at school, lunch, free time in the evening – and so week after week, month after month.

The main character automatically goes to class, during which the teacher will sometimes ask tricky questions. Periodically, it is necessary to take exams that test mastery of the material. Lessons are somewhat similar to the transfer of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”: For each question is given multiple answers to choose from, and the help of the hall is replaced by hints so-called “Thieves guild” – the other players connected to the network. List of the most popular choices is not limited to school life, but also in the spare time of the hero, and you can spy on his spending the rest if you wish.

In most of his questions related to the story and its details. Here, for example, referred to Arsen Lyupen, after whom is named the person protagonist. But the teachers about this, of course, know nothing, and he is not completely random.

After the call from the lessons we are free to dispose of leisure as your heart desires. You can get a part time, to engage in the library, go to the gym, play console, watch movies …

And this is not a complete list. One such action takes time span – the evening, the day (and it does not matter whether we guessed house crossword and went to the other end of town to the planetarium) – and develops the protagonist skills, such as courage, charm, knowledge, kindness and professionalism in turn, open up opportunities for new interactions.

Talking to people, too often gives advantages to these parameters, but its main role is yet another. First, social networks allow to get to know party members and other acquaintances.

They have their own story, and they really empathize, because all of them – the most simple people with their cockroaches and skeletons. Secondly, each designated for the source of his “Arcana” of the Tarot, and actively communicating with them, the hero raises its rank, provides new abilities and increases the power of people associated with this card.