Person 5

Our test lasted just over an hour, focused on a single story that we preferred to deepen as long as we could. Topics covered in Person 5they immediately conquered us, starting from the scenario, faithfully reproduced by what is Shibuya, one of Tokyo’s most fa


mous reality. Our familiarity with the capital of Japan allowed us to spot the corners at our disposal of the metro station and the district to assess how much the reproduction was faithful and finding the statue of Hachiko at his real place has affected us. It was no


t possible to study further the area around one of the most famous and crowded road crossings in the world, but these small details have allowed us to immediately appreciate the work on the environment. Less interesting, to be honest, was technical rendition, because having


many people on screen pushed the Persona 5 development teamto exasperate the polygonal interplay with all the people that have been made crossed and inconsistent: an aspect that vanquishes the interaction and makes us almost ghosts roaming the w


orld. The story, in any case, takes hold in a classroom, in an institution that is the star of an unpleasant event for pupils: Kamoshida, a volleyball team coach, is not even too veiled, is abusing some of they. We do not know if the abuse is of a sexual natu


re, resulting in rape, or if it is simply violence as a result of unhappy performance in the field: the fact is that the reaction of one of his students is solemn, and suicide attempt takes over on Person 5 plot. A strong subject, then, which is the


matrix of what is the reaction of our protagonist, a silent young man who recently moved to the city: able, together with his friend Ryuji and a strange cat, to turn and vent his soul (the person), power of ours will primarily be to suck the bad intentions and any malicious character of men. Entering, then, into a parallel reality, we will be called after the first phase of exploration and understanding of the battle system.

Person 5

Social relations

Person 5, as is the tradition of the saga, has a strong focus on what is the social link system. Although there was no opportunity to deepen its operation and how it could change the course of our story, the title allowed us to talk and interact with anyone in the first half an hour of exploration . Everyone had something to say or tell us, allowing us to eavesdrop on their own speech, ra
nging from fears of terrorism to more everyday use. This immensity of dialogs and these many dialogues clearly make Person 5, as well as the whole series, a title that requires great attention and great readiness to read, almost as if it were a visual novel. For our audien
ce, which always tends to complain about the absence of the Italian language, could therefore represent a rather insoluble rock because the ti
tle in question is completely English, even subtitled during cutscenes, as if it were an anime. After the release, scheduled for the first days of April, will be published a DLC that will enable you to activate the Japanese language while keeping subtitles in English. The numerous dia
logues and the ability to explore everything around us has prompted us to spend a lot of time looking for detail that could perfect our experience, as long as we were called to respect for the storyline, it was not possible to fit in with us some rooms and go into some b
reasts. At this juncture we felt the lack of a symbol on the minimap that could have helped us find the right path: other time, we lost it in exploring the institute in search of the right room, not yet knowing properly the structure in what we were. Moving is, however, quick, though inflicted by not always rapid lo
ading and that they sometimes break the rhythm of the action, especially when we are called to run in the yard to assist the suicide girl’s suicide . Again in this case, of course, to stop listening to the reactions of the present, in a school that can reproduce all the pupils we would normally find in an institution as we know it, will lead us to lose further time:

Person 5

In the parallel castle

In the parallel reality mentioned above, we finally found ourselves with a combat system to be dissected. Person 5 , as well as the Shin Megami Tensei seriesproposed for two decades, is infused with a myriad of mechanics to be taken into account during a ba
ttle against adversary beasts. Let’s start by saying that you will be able to take advantage of the inattention of an opponent directly on the overworld, attacking it behind and thus gaining a preventive attack: viceversa if the attack should be immediate, we will have to give up the first move to the opponents. Once engaged, the battle will be transported to a sort of arena, where the combat proceeds with no active time battle, so with alternating shots bound by shifts that do not have a
timer: reflection will be both feasible and fundamental, because, as we said before, the mechanics are vast and different. In the mini tutorial we discussed, we were briefly explained how to acquire a new person, this time presented in the form of masks: af
ter having attacked a beast, we will have the opportunity to interact with it and decide whether to claim its services, if it extrudes them a sum of money or, similarly, an object identifiable as a treasure. The alternative is clearly to go into the battle an
d set our opponent, bringing home points and a booty suitable to our opponent’s power. In our team, consisting of three fighters, only the cat that accompanies us in the parallel reality has the chance to never fall to the ground, but at the end of his HP will hide while watching the fight from afar: our protagonist, on the other hand, along with Ryuji, it can slip to the ground at
the end of its life span. There was immediately after showing the mechanics related to the weaknesses of the opponent, which prompted us to use special spells clearly linked to the right person: switching from one to another, so we came to select the attacks that allowed us to have the best on who was facing us, as any jRPG mechanics requires. In addition to spells, we also had a melee attack, with the weapon equipped, but also a shotgun with a firearm, equipped with default and we could not replace it with any other object found in our run.
The variety is therefore very high and we have been able to elaborate different strategies to reach our opponent, always very well characterized both in the pattern of moves and in his showing off in the diabolical form: most of them had a weakness that allowed us to hit them alongside in the proper way and taking advantage of their defects, but so many have required a melee attack well placed.