PC version of Days Gone will not receive DLSS support at launch – developers answered questions about the port

Developers from Sony Bend Studio published in Steam a note with answers to frequently asked questions regarding the computer version Days gone, revealing several new details about the upcoming port.

  • The game will receive all the additional content available on PS4 and PS5. DLC with survival and challenge modes, as well as motorcycle skins will be available immediately after purchase, and the “New Game +” option will open after the completion of the main story;
  • There will be no support for ray tracing and DLLS, but in the second case, the developers mentioned “for now”. Perhaps the function will be added later than the release;
  • Photo mode is the same as on consoles, but with a Super Resolution function that allows you to take pictures in higher resolution;
  • Cross-platform progression is not provided – you will not be able to transfer old saves from PS4 or PS5 to PC;
  • The FOV adjustment function will allow you to change the field of view up to a maximum of 100 degrees;
  • Advanced graphics options allow you to adjust brightness, field of view, rendering scale, chromatic aberration, motion blur, lighting quality, geometry quality, vegetation rendering distance, shadow quality, cloud and fog quality, texture filtering quality, HDR and much more.

Days Gone Coming To Steam And Epic Games Store Already May 18

Yesterday Sony shared a large selection of screenshots of the PC version of the game and fresh gameplay videos.

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