Path of Exile players can go to war on Atlas Conquerors – review

Studio Grinding gear games released large-scale addition Conquerors of the atlasAtlas Conquerors, an online role-playing game Path of exile. It continues the story epic, which ended in the previous extension, “War for the Atlas“.

Patch 3.9 opens five new high-level bosses, Atlas Conquerors. They changed the Atlas around them for so long that they did not notice how they themselves fell under the influence of emptiness. Players now have to deal with them.

A powerful reward will be given for the victory over the Conqueror. Winners can get support stones for an improved version, rare items with one of four new types of influence, as well as new unique equipment and fortunetelling cards.

In Atlas Conquerors, players will be able to join the new league, Metamorph, and learn how to connect monsters, creating their own fights with bosses. At the same time, the level of risk and the reward received can be chosen independently.

The developers have changed the rules of the Atlas. Now, players are initially available only fifty cards. The rest can be unlocked by defeating the Conquerors and extracting Guardian Stones from them. At the same time, stones can be moved between cards, changing your development strategy.