PaRappa The Rapper Remastered

The Hip Hop Hero
Masaya Matsuura can in all likelihood be considered one of the pioneers of musical games. When PaRappa The Rapper arrived in ’96 , the so-called rhythm games entered the players’ houses and they knew a widespread diffusion, then increase
d with all the other top games of the time. After the boom of the genre and the success of PaRappa, in 1999 came what can be considered its spin-off: A Jammer Lammy , followed by a couple of years later, by PaRappa The Rapper 2 on PS2. From Vib-Ribbon (of the same Matsuuda) to the latest Guitar Hero, the street rhythm games have done a lot
and have followed a pleasant evolution, lived only partially by the new generations. PaRappa The Rapper Remastered wants to fill this gap, giving the essence and tune of one of the masterpieces of the genre, returning for the
occasion to wear the modern 4K dynamic suit on PS4 Pro. We’ve tried it on standard PS4, appreciating the minimalist design of the menus and the high-definition rendering of the six levels that make up the work. 
The simple story sees the PaRap dog doing ever
ything to conquer the heart of Sunny Funny, the “girl” she is madly in love with. But he has to beat the competition of rich Joe Chin, the classic guy who excels in everything and does nothing to hide his economic resources. Interspersing these cute scenes there are levels where PaRappa will have to perform in the company of othe
r bizarre characters, following the rhythm of the sung parts.
The U Rappin ‘indicator will show you in real time how your performance is going: starting with Good, it is your responsibility that does not go wrong and therefore worsen the evaluation, which can go to Bad or Awful, with the latter marking the break of the so
ng if a couple of errors were to be repeated. If you are a proven rapper, the indicator can go up to Cool, earning you the best scores and, of course, the precious trophies – included in this PS4 release.
PaRappa The Rapper Remastered
You must believe it! 
Unlike in ’96, the main screen, menus and game levels are now in 4K Dynamic and have a look at the pace with the times; the movies are essentially identical to the original game: enclosed in a box, whose frame is composed of the faces of the main characters.
 Within the options we can then select the 4/3 as in the original version or 16/9, made available for PS4. Here, in addition to activating vibration, selecting difficulty (easy or normal), practicing and selecting individual levels, you can access – through a sub-page – the so-called extra songs, which are actually the same but with different bases.
Of course, even this time you will be able to venture out to your ambitions by freestyle rappers, adding words (and then pressing the keys) anarchist but sensible way, so you can take advantage of the time window left to your full disposal by the “masters” amazed by your talent.
This is all about a decent remastering operation, but considering the very low playing time and the cost of 14.99, it would have been better to propose a package consisting of the whole “trilogy”, raising the price slightly.