All a matter of levers
Besides, what matters here is the gameplay . And we tell you at once that Matterfall, at least on this, is centered. In fact, the game has a successful hybrid between sliding and platforming. Action moves horizontally, and the player has to step through the various threats that infest the maps. These can be grouped into two macro-categories: flying (of a robotic nature) and terrestrial (of alien nature).
The player manages Avalon using the levers and the dorsal keys. With the left moves it, while with the right it directs the fire. Learning to handle these two moves is essential to overcoming the schemes, as the enemies come from all over the screen and will always be overwhelming. T
he right shoulder is entrusted to the jump, while the left is the dodge. It may not look like it, but it is actually the latter move that you have to learn at all costs to master. It is able not only to automatically disintegrate enemy bullets when executed, but also to freeze the enemies with which it comes into contact. Something that really makes the difference between life and death when the enemy flames begin to become numerous. The incident thus becomes frenzied and almost puzzle, in which reflections, calculation and improvisation are the best means a player can have.
Complete the Materia Generator commands and the zero gravity sections . The first is a jet that is able to materialize (filling) platforms at precalculated levels of the levels. In addition to introducing a lightweight but well thought out platform item, they should also be used tactically, since enemy bullets can not penetrate them. Finally, the zero-gravity sections remove the slider on the ground and let Avalon float three hundred and sixty degrees to the screen.
Funny but not abused, it is obvious that on such occasions the dodge becomes even more vital.
In short, a gameplay is far from restful but at the same time exhilarating and explosive. Matterfall is as accessible as it is, but it also requires a lot of skill and attention from the player.
Matterfall, the review of a sentient matter
The civilian who rewards and the boss he punishes
It should be pointed out, however, that this does not come in painlessly. The game is divided into 12 levels, in turn tripartite in groups of four areas, the last of which is the boss. The levels are characterized by a semi-linear structure: far from being labyrinthine, deviations are always fairly clear. Many times the path just shifts to reunite shortly thereafter, in the obvious attempt to offer different ways to overcome a single level section.
Do not be fooled: behind their seemingly small number abounding complex sections, where even surviving alone might be problematic. On this same lever we find the secrets: gems that guarantee bonus scores and civilians to save. The latter are the important part:Metal Slug teaches).
These can be both passive abilities (such as adding or adding effects to basic moves) and real secondary weapons that will be assigned to the digital cross and activated with the right trigger. Once acquired you can not be lost even if the hostage will be released again if you die before the next checkpoint. And trust me: in this game you die. Especially the bossfights represent significant peaks, no matter which one you choose three levels of difficulty. Such clashes will force you to do two or three things simultaneously and with great precision: directing the fire to the weak point, choosing the path and calculating the times of the dodge.
Matterfall, the review of a sentient matter
Rank and bullet hell
The difficulty of the campaign then sank sharply since the second-third of the game, as the threats begin to pour on the screen a lot of bullets that are really disproportionate. In particular, programmers often resort to the placement of indestructible flames, of which one can only avoid rays and hope to survive. It is in these phases that the average frustration increases and begins to die unjustly. The other face of the medal lies in the fact that such an event represents a remarkable challenge, which will make the nostalgia’s joy (which this time will not need to be quirking to continue).
The craving to excel in performance is equally supported by the game, both inside and out. Every enemy destroyed does not only accumulate points, but it also increases the scoring multiplier bar. At each filling, the multiplier rises to one; if Avalon gets hit, it drops by one. A spartan solution and if we want “old”, but that in such a game is really the best possible. Scores for each level are then recorded in the online rankings, where to beat at the pace of millions of points.