Day of Infamy

Keep your eyes open, soldier
As the name of the title, Day of Infamy, can be seen , the game was born as a spiritual follow-up to Day of Defeat , a Valve team shooter set in the same era of history. Just like the previous game made by New World Interactive guys , this shooter is also extremely raw and realistic: for example, there is no killcam to see who has killed anyone, so much so that we will try to recognize teammates from the enemies (just pointing them will appear their name above if
they are comrades and often, especially at the beginning, we could find ourselves planting some bullet on our ally before making the mistake made), nor there is a miniature of any kind. You will have to keep your eyes open, trying to learn the game mechanics as soon as possible.
Day of Infamy
Run into the melee
In the game there is no tutorial or a single player campaign where you can learn the commands: to understand the gameplay as quickly as possible, we will have to head to a special game mode where we will meet first-class players just like us , a
long with cpu controlled bots; both bots and players will be very well divided between both teams. Once “kicked” by the server, the game will feel ready to face the real multiplayer, and this time we will encounter much more navigated players, experiencing remarkable adaptation difficulties. The learning curve is indeed very steep, and we do not think that the “test” system developed by the developers is sufficiently adequate.
Day of Infamy
Take orders, or die
The missions themselves are based on 10 different checkpoint capture variants; there are multiple rules to choose from, such as the quantity of ammunition available or the amount of points to be made, but the substance is generally unchanged: a team must co
nquer the control areas and the other defend or gain more of the opponent. Unlike modern shooters, recharging ammunition will also wipe out those we will not have consumed yet, just as it would happen in reality.Teams will have different “wave” to send reinforcements: if we die, we can only rescue it as one of these new troops, whose number of waves available is limited, and in order to have more, all must be grouped at their respawn point : this naturally means abandoning the resulting control points, so you will need to be organized to decide on the best action to be taken.
We can choose from 9 different classes, each with its own arsenal and a decent customization option (choosing to give up one of the secondary weapons to boost the primary, transforming a shotgun into a rocket launcher, for example), and among them the
most interesting is that of the officer, who can give orders on the battlefield and also call for air strikes, provided he has another player as “radioman” always at his side; the classes are definitely varied and our eyes are also fairly balanced with each other. Because of the extreme difficulty of adaptation, it is advisable not to act like the “Rambo” in turn, but decide on a plan with your comrades and act according to the instructions without taking too much freedom.
Day of Infamy
The war never changes
There are 3 different factions available (the American Army, the Commonwealth and the Wehrmacht) and by advancing the level we can also unlock various subfires (such as the Canadian Army); it’s just about cosmetic changes that include a differe
nt outfit and rumors for our characters, but gameplay will not change anything at all. We can consider it as small bonuses to entice the player to continue investing time within the online fights; you will be able to choose whether to play in cooperative (so many players against a bot team, smart enough to provide a proper challenge) or to fight the classic team challenge.If we have found a good number of users from the “day-one” of the title for the standard co-
operative and competitive battles, as well as the good fan base established by EARLY ACCESS, we can not say the same as “special assignments”. definitely more demanding and stubborn gameplay, with an even smaller number of vines and ammunition. Surely I will have influenced the young nature of the title, but our hope is that supporting these activities can continue beyond these form vices.