Paradox Interactive is ready to announce Victoria III. However, there is a condition

Publishing house Paradox Interactive decided to pironize on the topic of the pandemic, and also spur the interest of strategy fans. It published a photo of a huge deposit of toilet paper packaging, which is stored in a warehouse in the company’s office.

As the developers joked, as soon as the stock is exhausted, they will be ready to announce the long-suffering Victoria III.

“An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the PDX studio during quarantine and its top-secret cache. For your information, we will announce Victoria III when the stock runs out,” the press service said.

Players immediately calculated that toilet paper stocks would be depleted in about 95 days, so the announcement of the strategy should be expected in November 2020.

However, the publisher noted that now all employees work remotely. In addition, they published a photograph of an additional stock of rolls of paper towels.

“We demand victims,” the company joked.

The announcement of Victoria III has long been a meme in the community of fans of hardcore projects from Paradox. As developers said earlier in an interview, there is no person in the company who is ready to take on such a responsible project and meet high expectations.

In early June 2020, it became known that the publisher Paradox Interactive opened a studio Paradox Tinto in Barcelona, ​​led by one of the creators of the cult Europa universalis and a veteran of a publishing house with 25 years of experience Johan Andersson.

The new team will support Europa Universalis IV. However, after this, she plans to develop several global strategies at once.

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