Paper Mario: Color Splash

Although the action takes place on the island, it is large enough to accommodate and rusty Wild West, and tropical beaches, buried in shades of yellow and blue, purple and dark caves with dark locks. Yet if made of thin paper or thick laminated cardboard and even hand-painted.

The paper tells the story of the world is not a book – rather, at the level of the dioramas of fairy tales for children.

On the island of prosperity someone sucks the ink from the natives, and the magical stars, which give the paint, stolen. Mario in the company with the assistant Vedorkinym must find them, and at some point – and even Princess Peach. Original?

Doubly not, because exactly the same structure was already in Paper Mario: Sticker Star– the search for artifacts, princess and companion. Fortunately, the dialogues are written is not for children, translated into Russian, and forced a smile of those who know the history of the series.

Scenes of island life

with a dialogue as part of the gameplay, I began not in vain. Because Color Splash very little platformer, but sometimes role-playing game, and most of all – adventure.

And let the global map is divided into levels, which sometimes have to jump and break the bricks, and the battle with opponents conducted step by step and allow to develop the ability of a flat character. But this is not important.

The main thing – the story. At levels Mario meets locals – Toad. Basically, they are painted the same and differ only in color but the individual elements of the costumes.

It’s trash, because even twelve years ago in Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door tertiary characters looked different. Whatever it was, Tsvetanov population mired in problems and deal with them need a player. Puzzles are simple and usually require to talk with the desired character or to find items, solve the puzzle.

Paper Mario: Color Splash game review

Besides bright and cheerful places to eat dull and gloomy. But they can be colored!

But often simple, as in the saying, it turns into its bad side. For example, when it is unclear where the item or character, the key to progress. Thus, even on one of the start-up phase it is necessary to collect a few items of clothing for the naked mushroom man.

And if the shoes and pants hung in prominent places and contrast well with the background, the thin leaf vest is barely noticeable – I spent about thirty minutes – forty to try to find him.

And without the dress can not choose one of the stars of the paint and move to another location. And still on the stage has been completed, you may receive one that allows to pass on.

But how to find that Mr. Incognito – we do not always reported. For those who do not want to run on the locations in the search for a needle in a haystack, in the starting town Tsvetomorske have Toad in the cafe, which gives a clue – a feeble attempt to save the illogical plot line.

Although scenes of island life on their own to make healthy, called Color Splash an excellent representative of the adventure genre – it means to lie.

application of lessons

Also angered imperceptible passages on levels. Proprygat want to star, but you can not get to a number of platforms? Yes, that is a narrow path between two hills! Or to the cave entrance is blocked? In fact, it is necessary to go inside the descending platform, which – as you can miss! – there is a wall. Both cases show that there is need to look carefully and do not rush.

Sometimes a problem is solved sleeker navigation using a touch screen controller. In designated areas piece of scenery can be cut to hold Mario to the goal. The solution funny, because these places must be sought. But usually it operates a simple rule: do not know where to go – look for the ability to cut.

Sometimes it is not a plumber is inserted into the remote parts of prosperity, and the map is a special subject. Everything is standard for adventure: in the pipe someone stuck – insert the plunger, it is necessary to drive away the stranded boat – use a fan. A special card can be obtained from large and voluminous objects, occasionally appearing on the stage.

Paper Mario: Color Splash game review