Do not be mistaken if I say that almost every fan in the “smart” video games, giving to understand that they not only entertain, but also try to be food for the mind, Oxenfree cause a warm feeling. Obviously, to love with itself – its concept and serve well to promote. It looks promising and interesting, do not strike the pixel, or deliberate excess postmodernism sketch – it would seem, what else is needed?

Oxenfree clearly shows that it is necessary a lot more: some of the atmosphere, setting and successful formula of adventure from Telltale is clearly not enough to create a truly impressive work. And it is amorphous, but such an important “something bigger” game does not get in the first place. In Oxenfree have an intriguing mystery mystical experience and youth, as well as the constant need to respond to cues and actions of the characters, thereby affecting the development of the plot. Excellent formula, but each of its components is lacking, unfortunately, no depth, no elaboration.

Prologue game seems straightforward: a group of young people just beginning to emerge from adolescence, is sent to the godforsaken place, and when he reached the beach, the members of this supposedly exciting trip if trying to pretend that it really exciting and fun. Like in the movies. As in the youth horror movies, which Oxenfree not compare just lazy – the analogy suggests itself. And, as often happens in such works, a conflict between the participants and so not very cohesive group begins even before the round begins to happen every kind of hell.

In this case, Alex, the main character, was originally located in the intricate relationships with each member of a small party. Included in the company’s half-brother a girl, who became a member of her family recently, infantile old friend, the quiet one, to which the most indifferent one, and former lover has a brother, Alex, now deceased, as if set itself the goal as much as possible to hurt the heroine. To decide on the player likes to be literally on the banks not counting ties, and the individual segments, most of the time Alex and the newly-born Jonas Brothers will hold together, and in a sense, only the relationship between them will change and evolve. For a short time can be selected and another companion, but who would you not have preferred, imbued with sympathy for the character during this time is unlikely to succeed.

This approach is upstaged by almost all actors, it seems a little strange for a game in which the important role is given to long dialogues. A dialogue in which you can actively participate, commenting on almost every second point of the interlocutor.

Oddly enough, taking into account the above, these conversations often idle and not particularly serious, are perhaps the strongest component Oxenfree. As in any The Walking Dead, the time allotted for the selection of one of the replicas, significantly limited.

In this case, the decision seems also very organic: as a rule, the characters talk on the move, sharing a variety of thoughts and memories. It also gives talks liveliness and naturalness: boys and girls, the frightened, the tensions, the rejoicing of some nonsense, behave in accordance with the age and react according to the situation.

Yes, and in fact the decision, from which will depend on the fate of Alex satellites, are often not severe restrictions dilemma, but something very small, mundane and spontaneous.

On the other hand, the central plot, built around some mystical event leaves an impression on the whole depressing. As I will not be according to the wishes of the developers I go into the details, so I will confine this question a couple of general comments.