Own remake enthusiast recreates Midgar from Final Fantasy VII in Fallout 4

Impressed by the upcoming remake release Final Fantasy VII enthusiast Andy folk working on a theme mod for Fallout 4. The purpose of his work, the author set the transfer of the entire Midgar card to a role-playing game from Bethesda. According to him, everything in this mod is based on the original pre-rendered backs of Final Fantasy VII.

At the moment, the modder is recruiting level designers into his team in order to subsequently redo most, if not all, areas from FFVII using standard assets from Fallout 4, as well as custom ones if necessary.

As for Midgar, it is worth noting that the modder is going to not only transfer the location from the cult Japanese role-playing game as a mod, but also add new quests there. It is not yet known whether iconic characters from Final Fantasy VII will be added to the add-in.

The output of the official remake Final Fantasy VII targeted at March 3, 2023 years for Playstation 4.

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