Overwatch: What Is The New Blizzard Title Linked?

The mobile title road, however, makes more sense. Let’s go back to May, around the Overwatch anniversary. Blizzard published a job announcement about a software engineer’s place to “contribute to Blizzard’s efforts in mobile gaming.” In this case, the knowledge required included Warcraft ‘s basic knowledge of the world .

Nowadays nothing is known about the title yet, but at that time, co-founder of Blizzard and CDO Frank Pearce said to VentureBeat’s microphones that StarCraft and Overwatch are franchisees that could “lead alone” to the mobile. By admitting that it’s just Overwatch , and maybe not the only one to get on smartphones and tablets, what kind of game could be?

The simplest answer, given the evolution of the devices and the studies that they work on, is that it can be a kind of Overwatch Lite, so to speak, that is, a mobile transposition. 

After all, nowadays unthinkable genres such as the MOBA have come on mobile with efficiency thanks to titles such as Arena of Valor , and it’s a piece that first-person shooters buckle on the devices that we carry each day with us. Of course, it would be a massive project and a potential (as useless) breakdown of users, but could at the same time be new to all the less mischievous users who already play at Clash Royale and the like.

Overwatch: What Is The New Blizzard Title Linked?

Returning to more stable tracks, I would say that we can almost certainly say that this “Overwatch project” is something related to PCs and consoles. Trying to give me an idea of ​​what I could imagine and hypothesize, I stumbled into the Expert Mode section of the US IGN, where portal journalists chatted with developers and director of important games (very interesting the bet with David Davis Soliani for Ubisoft Milan , recuperate it).
In one of the recent episodes in the headline, the main character was Jeff Kaplan, head of Overwatch in Blizzard.

In addition to stories about the genesis of the title (hilarious the story of Activision’s leadership resigned by the fact that among all the things that Blizzard could propose at that time, they chose another shooter), Kaplan says of things that are very important help to understand what there is in the future of the franchise. 

From being born as a canceled project to re-emerge as a world cult phenomenon, Overwatchhe was always based on one thing: his characters. Activision itself, Kaplan tells, was impressed by the main artwork with all the heroes in plastic sheeting. I talked to one of my first pieces here on SpazioGames, and nothing has changed since then. The heroes, the relationships between them, the narrative background with anti-heroes and betrayal, the Blackwatch and the Omnic Revolt, all the details that made the title more than a simple shooter. Such attention in telling something, though not doing it directly, thanks to what Kaplan calls “contextual storytelling.”


In plain words: circulate every map of so many details that can suggest to the player what could have happened in each of them.The will of the studio has never been to create a simple team shooter, but to create a story-based universe. And if it was time to live them first? 

An experiment in that sense was made with the Rivolta event, in which Mercy, Reinhardt, Torbjorn and a Tracer cadet employed in its first ever mission were taken control of. But there may be something bigger in the dance, as Kaplan suggests: “The team dreams that there is much more to Overwatch than this. I think we should start thinking about how Overwatch can express itself in other ways that go beyond the shooter you are against the six we know today. “