Overlord: Fellowship of Evil

It’s not good to be bad

would seem, what a wonderful idea behind the Overlord – to stand on the side of darkness and lead the whole army of minions. To win back the role of the villain is always a pleasure, and this topic is still not beaten.

Developers Fellowship of Evil was a huge scope for creativity, and quite a strong foundation in the form of the previous two parts. And during the opening scene movie really hope that they were able to use to the maximum resource available.

A pleasant voice-over, accompanied by a rather stylish delivered video tells the story of the unfortunate minions who do not want to put up with in the world of goodness and justice will reign. Green grass, bright sun and sleepy, happy life peasants – boring! Determined to bring a pinch of evil and chaos in the world, the minions go in search of a leader who would lead them.

And here we are anticipating how much fun will command an army of evil and make plans to seize the world, choose one of four characters, the lord of darkness and horror …

Movie Scene ends, and with it ends all the best in the game. Or almost everything: sometimes funny story scenes and good dialogues, written by Rhianna Pratchett(Rhianna Pratchett), yet would hint at the fact that, perhaps, in one of the parallel universes Fellowship of Evil has turned out a good game.

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil game review

Main course today – “kopipasta”. Hooray!

To fall asleep faster, kill sheep

Essentially, the choice of the hero is a mere formality. All characters have a normal attack, strong attack and a very strong attack. However, for effective cleaning the area always enough for only the second, and our god Nezergul horror that could have dozens of “pump” abilities, in fact is “one button” exists.

The gameplay turns himself in a monotone, gray, endlessly repeating the procedure. Imagine Diablo without the “skills” – how interesting would be the difference between the characters, and how in such a case it would be fun to deal with monsters?

The situation is aggravated by the fact that in the Fellowship of Evil enemies did not have combat abilities, “heavy” knights brandishing a sword three seconds, and the magicians shots drifted down to us a snail’s pace – just a man with no fingers will not have time to avoid attacks.

The battles are extremely simple and primitive: called blue minions, treating you, and click on the same button. Strip the location – go to the next and do the same. Single player campaign is terrible in its monotony.

Under the pretext of a stupid job (like “kill all the peasants ‘sheep’), we have time and again to destroy dozens of appearing fellows. Bored? And how. But developers want to explicitly call the users even more negative feelings.

Computer intelligence is not just bad – it is non-existent. Opponents frozen in place, not reacting to the player’s actions, constantly scatter in different directions.

None of what tactics here and can not speak. Two huge troll, I have deleted about five minutes (due to a long strip of health), for all time never attempted to attack the hero or minions!

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil game review

Perhaps the most “terrible” moment in the game.

Running errands in the village

Another “amazing” discovery game designers – episodes in which the main character has to run a certain distance in the allotted time.

Why and what we should do – not explained. It’s one thing when in some beautiful Assassin’s Creed we escape from the crumbling building, and another – simply run within minutes of monotonous locations. Probably, according to the developers, it had to diversify the gameplay.