Outriders wrote details about the story campaign, the pyromancer class, and the action soundtrack.

Studio People Can Fly conducted a broadcast, which shared new details about the cooperative shooter Outriders. The authors talked about the structure of the story campaign and additional quests, showed the gameplay for the pyromancer class and the process of recording the soundtrack. Cybersport.ru selected the key points from the broadcast.




Outriders is a third-person shooter in which a player can create a character for himself and complete missions both alone and with friends. The passage of the story campaign can take from 25 to 30 hours. But if you complete all the additional quests and study the end-game content, then the counter will be twice as much.



Pyromancer class

Pyromancer is a class for players who prefer powerful skills to attack over an area. Each pyromancer skill sets fire to, explode, or stun opponents. According to the developers, this class does not have mobility – it cannot quickly get close to the enemy or leave the battlefield, like other heroes. However, you need to play for him aggressively – after each kill of a set on fire enemy character restores health.

Each class in Outriders has eight abilities. The authors shared information about the four pyromancer skills.

“Thermal bomb” sets fire to an opponent. If you kill him while the effect is active, it will explode and cause great damage to others.
An “explosion of ash” can immobilize a group of enemies and make them vulnerable to all attacks. The “heat wave” creates a wall of fire that moves forward from the pyromancer and sets fire to all opponents in the path. Using “Overheat”, the pyromancer will receive bonus health and will deal increased damage to all ignited opponents.

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