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Activision finally announced Outbreak for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – This is a large-scale mode where a squad of four fighters is sent to a map filled with zombies.

At startup, only one operation will be available – Threshold. The operatives will go to the Ural Mountains, where a zombie outbreak occurred, and they will have to complete a number of tasks to study and further eliminate it.

Targets include protecting the vehicle, escorting an all-terrain vehicle, extracting resources, eliminating an important target, and holding a location. After successfully completing the experiment, players can leave the location, destroying the wave of the infected, or go on a more difficult mission.

Outbreak will launch on February 25 with the launch of Season 2. Moreover, from February 25 to March 4, they will open free access to the multiplayer and zombie mode of Black Ops Cold War.

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