“Otherwise, no one would have known about the game” – Outer Wilds developers praised the Xbox Game Pass subscription service

Atmospheric adventure game Outer wilds from developers from the studio Mobius digital receives at the end of 2019 all kinds of awards and prizes from various publications. In many ways, the press notes the creators’ brilliant approach to the open-world research genre.

The Wccftech portal, which interviewed the authors, noted the project on the lists of “Best Indie Games” and “Best Adventure Games.” Moreover, Outer wilds has become Game of the year“by version Polygon, Eurogamer, Giant bomb and The guardian.

The owners of the Xbox One probably did not miss the opportunity to play the game presented in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. Moreover, the creative director of Mobius Digital Loan True in the framework of the international gaming summit held in Montreal, he spoke positively about the Microsoft subscription gaming service.

“We are represented on the Xbox as part of the Game Pass, and it’s really cool. It seems to me that if it weren’t for this, then many players would simply not have known about Outer Wilds. There are big changes. Like in the case of television and cinema, the subscription system has a strong influence on the gaming industry. We are already seeing this, and we are beginning to understand that it may open the market for more original and strange projects, the release of which would previously have been more risky. “

True also added that it is important that game developers aiming at reaching an audience have the opportunity to break the monopolies in the industry.

“I believe that in the case of any industry, everything revolves around monopolies. And our industry at many levels is filled with monopolies, from tools to platforms. I understand the economy enough to understand what this means and how serious this creates for players and game developers. “

According to the plot Outer wilds the player takes control of an unnamed explorer from the planet Kamelek, who, by the will of fate, finds himself in a time loop. Over and over, he has to go through the last 22 minutes of the life of a celestial body in order to find out the secret of an ancient artifact that could stop the death of all living things.

The editors of our portal in review appreciated one of the most exciting adventures of 2019.

The game is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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