Open testing of CCI on League of Legends will begin on January 24 – review

Riot games announced that open testing Legends of runeterra – a collectible card game in the League of Legends universe – will start on the PC on January 24 at 20:00 Moscow time.

In this case, the players of the demo version will be able to start testing 24 hours before, and with them, users who have registered for beta – for early access, it is necessary to send the form before 10:59 Moscow time on January 20.

All participants in the open beta will receive a unique pore protector of moonlight. The gift will be given out long enough: the first players of version 1.0 will even receive it – the promotion will end a week after the official release of the game.

During testing Legends of runeterra will not be translated into Russian, but Riot plans to add localization to the release of the full version this year. The version for iOS and Android will also appear closer to the release.