Open testing of Balsa Model Flight Simulator has begun – Igromania

Studio Floating originconsisting of three developers led by Felipe “HarvesteR” Falange, the creator of Kerbal space program, announced the start of open testing Balsa Model Flight Simulator… Anyone can request access on the page Steam

The creators of the airplane simulator plan to identify major bugs and errors during testing in order to have time to fix them before the game goes into Early Access. The studio does not consider the early access status as an excuse for imperfections, and the trial period is going to devote to bringing the game to perfection with the help of community ideas.

Balsa aims to be a unique flight simulator with a powerful editor in which players can design and build their own aircraft models that can fly and fight. The game is based on complex physics simulation and is designed for virtual pilots of all skill levels.

The Balsa Model Flight Simulator has no premiere date yet, but the Early Access release date should be announced after the completion of open testing.

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